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Compare and contrast the technologies of using recombinant DNA and gene therapy?

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Gene therapy is a treatment of disease by replacing genes.
Recombinant DNA is a DNA resulting from gene-linking. That is when a DNA extracted from two or more different sources such as genes from different organisms and joined together to form a single molecule or fragment.
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How and why are genes cloned into recombinant DNA vectors?

The desired gene is cut from its original DNA by using restriction enzyme. The vector (plasmid) is also cut with the same restriction enzyme so that both the vector and the de

Why cleavage of DNA is done in recombinant DNA technology?

Recombinant DNA technology is the most emerging technique for the production of DNA for the useful bio-materials like insulin. So to produce recombinant DNA two different DNA

What is the importance of recombinant DNA technology?

Recombination DNA technology helps in producing large amounts of biological products which are safe and also efficient in their function. http://www.rajaha.com/recombinant-d

Using a ven diagram compare and contrast DNA and RNA?

DNAdouble strandedDouble helix formcontains deoxyribonucleic acidfound only in nucleus (mainly), mitochondria, and chloroplasts.contains pyrimidine base named thyminecontains

Compare and contrast finny and gene?

gene and finny both like sports and share the same interests. Finny is more athletic and Gene is studious. Phineas is resembles peace while gene resembles inner war.

What are the steps of using recombinant DNA technology?

The steps of using recombinant DNA technology are: 1. isolation and cutting of DNA of required gene 2. introduce cut DNA into a vector 3. amplification of gene with the

What are the basic steps recombinant DNA technology?

 The steps involved in rDNA technology are:   Isolation of DNA  Fragmentation of the DNA using the enzyme Restriction  endonucleases  Isolation of the desired DNA frag

What is the role of antibiotic resistance gene in recombinant DNA technology?

Uñderstand by example: Bacteria that have pSC 101 plasmid, this plasmid have antibiotic resistant gene for tetracycline.when gene of interest in attached to plasmid to produc

What is recombinant DNA technology?

recombinant DNA is a form of artificial DNA which is engineered through the combination or insertion of one or more DNA strands,there by combining DNA sequences which would no
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How do scientists use recombinant DNA?

Recombinant DNA allows scientists to reproduce a desired protein. Bacterium reproduce at a very fast rate, so they insert a desired protein into a bacterium by using restricti

What is linker in recombinant DNA technology?

Linkers are synthetic double strsnded oligonucleotide which contain  within them one or more Restriction sites that are used to ligate  the gene of interest to the vector DN
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Recombinant DNA technology is used to produce?

Recombinant DNA can be used for several things. It can be used to enter a gene into a living culture using bacterial plasmids. Or can also be used to create large samples of D
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How does recombinant DNA compare with gene therapy?

Gene therapy is a treatment of disease by replacing genes.   Recombinant DNA is a DNA resulting from gene-linking. That is when  a DNA extracted from two or more differen