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Compare spontaneous generation and biogenesis?

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bogenisis-theory that living things come only from other living things . spontaneous generation-idea that living things come from nonliving things.
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Why did the theory of spontaneous generation change?

Spontaneous generation is known as abiogenesis, which is life  arising from non-living material. However, this was refuted by  Louis Pasteur who proved that living things ar

What is the difference between spontanious generation and biogenesis?

biogenesis is the theory that living things come only from other living things and spontanious generation is the idea that living things come from nonliving things. ----------

Concept of spontaneous generation?

Spontaneous generation means that living things came from inanimate objects. Like frogs and toads came from mud, mice came from putting rice and dirty clothes in a box, dead t

What are contrast spontaneous generation and biogenesis?

  Spontaneous generation is when organisms created by matter... for example old rotten food creating larvas and flies.   biogenesis is the organisms created by other

What are Spontaneous Generation?

Aristotle came up with the hypothesis that living things could be created from inanimate objects. It was a theory of the origin of life before it was proven wrong.

Why did they believe in spontaneous generation?

> They didnt know better Prior to there invention of the microscope around 1600, there were no instruments capable of detecting single-cell organisms. Francisco Redi's experim
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How are biogenesis and spontaneous generation related?

Spontaneous generation is only slightly related to biogenesis.  Spontaneous generation proposed it was possible for organisms to  reproduce without any form of sexual or ase