Compare spontaneous generation and biogenesis?

bogenisis-theory that living things come only from other living things . spontaneous generation-idea that living things come from nonliving things.
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How was spontaneous generation disproved twice?

Fransesco Redi: took 3 jars of rotten meat and the 1st was uncovered the second was covered with gauze and the 3rd was sealed with thick parchment. Results: 1. jar number 1 wa (MORE)

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What is the difference between spontanious generation and biogenesis?

biogenesis is the theory that living things come only from other living things and spontanious generation is the idea that living things come from nonliving things.----------- (MORE)

What does spontaneous generation mean?

Note Note that spontaneous generation and abiogenesis are distinct and separate concepts. For information on abiogenesis, see links below. Answer Spontaneous generation is the (MORE)
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How was spontaneous generation disproved?

A very interesting experiment was devised, in which there were two jars, both with meat, but one with gauze over the opening. These were left exposed to the air, and the one w (MORE)
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