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él es de Colombia
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What does 'es de' mean in Spanish?

"Es de" has a few meanings in Spanish. In one definition, it canmean "it is" or "it is of." Another definition of "es de" is"he/she is from." This expression is used when describing where aperson is from. For example, "She is from Spain" would betranslated to "Ella es de España."

Cual es la zona horaria de Colombia?

cual es la zona horaria para colombia , que debo instalar en mi compu , ya que asigno la de bogota,lima , quito y mi compu no da la hora exacta se modifica cada dia , gracias

Is Es alto a complete sentence?

Yes, it is. It translates to "[understood subject] is tall." the understood subject is either He, She, It or You (formal) (El/Ella/Usted)