Composed the score to jaws and Star Wars?

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John Williams.
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Who is the composer for Star Wars?

The theme music and most if not all of the incidental music to all the Star Wars movies was written by John Williams. He also wrote the music for E.T. and JAWS among many othe

Who composes the Star Wars songs?

John Williams composed the music for the Star Wars films. He is one of the most successful film composers in movie history. He composed for the films Close Encounters of th

Who composed the musical score for Star Wars?

John Williams, who has been nominated for over 40 Oscars (more than any other person), composed the film score for Star Wars. He also composed scores for Indiana Jones, Jurass
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Who were the composers for Star Wars?

For the Star Wars films, John Williams is the sole composer.Kevin Kiner has done the composing for the Star Wars: The CloneWars animated series, but the themes follow the
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When did the composer for Star Wars die?

John Williams composed the original Star Wars theme & music forthe movies & as of this answer [June 2017] he is very muchalive & still composing.