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Consulta especialisada poos SISBEN Barranquilla sisben atlantico?

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yo Jose miguel barrios hernandez con cedula de ciudadania numero 72127537 espedida en ciudad de barranquilla quisiera saber si todabia me ecuetro en la base de datos del sisben grasias
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Poo poo poo?

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What is poo?

Poo is a slang term given to fecal matter, which is the waste product of digestion. The scientific term "feces" is used for solid waste.

What is poo poo?

It is slimy and brown stuff
Why do you do a poo?

Why do you do a poo?

Its a bit like throwing away the box the toys came in. Its away to get rid of anything the body cannot digest and things like old blood cells that are worn out. Any other garb

What is a poo?

Feces (poo) is a waste product from an animal's digestive tract expelled through the anus (or cloaca) during defecation.

What does poo poo mean?

I've heard young children exclaim it when they need to defecate. It could also be used to refer to fecal matter. It really depends on the context it's being used, though I can