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Here is the phone number (212-727-0016).
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How do you get a contract with jive records?

My dad has jive records contract and they don't just hand it over you have to make a demo CD with info where they can get in contact with you and send it to them if they like

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The HBO website has an FAQ section, which they ask you to consult before contacting them, due to the large number of emails they receive. There's no email address, but they as

Jive records phone number?

Jive Records is located in New York City, New York. The phone  number is (212) 727-0016. The address is 137 West 25th Street New  York, New York 10001. Jive Records has seve

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E-mail: tyleperry44@yahoo.com Tyler Perry The Tyler Perry Company PMB 140 541 Tenth Street NW Atlanta, GA 30318 USA TEL (404)355-6870 FAX (404)658-9191

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for Korea = 521 APGUJUNG2DONG, kangnam gu, SEOUL, Korea for USA = 4322 Wilshire blvd. suite 300 Los Angeles, CA 90010 Their contact: 02-6240-9800 hope this helped!:)

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Make sure your music and content is clean and also watch www.youtube.com/biggchugtv he's a good source to getting signed PERIOD . Follow him on twitter @BiggChug