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Contoh pidato kebersihan bahasa sunda?

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selmat siang
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Tolong beri contoh Pidato tentang teknologi?

  Terimakasih kepada pengerusi majlis , dif-dif kehormat , para VIP , rakan-rakan pemidato dan saudara-saudari sekalian, Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi taala wabarakatuh  (MORE)

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Bagaimanakah contoh cerita rakyat dalam bahasa Inggris dan terjemahannya?

Sangkuriang Long time ago in West Java, lived a beautiful girl named Dayang Sumbi. She was also smart and clever. Her beauty and intelligence made a prince from the heavenly (MORE)

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Contoh teks dekriptif dalam bahasa Inggris dan terjemahannya?

Relly Komaruzaman I know an English teacher in my hometown. His name is Relly Komaruzaman. He is a new teacher in my school. Relly Komaruzaman is a young man. He is a sing (MORE)

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Contoh naskah pidato dalam bahasa lampung?

Perpisahan Sekolah Ini Untuk Memberikan Kesan dan Pesan Disaat Acara Perpisahan Sekolah SMP Maupun SMA, Khususnya bagi adik-adik yang akan memberikan ucapan salam perpisahan u (MORE)

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Tolong di buatkan contoh teks report bahasa inggris?

Descriptive : The dagona tree, which is comoon in the dry regions of Africa, has an unusual appearance. The fully-grown dagona is about twenty feet tall ang has a thin trunk (MORE)