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2.7 million dollars for every 30 seconds
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What is the cost of a Super Bowl ring?

The NFL pays up to $5,000.00 per ring, with up to 150 rings per team. If the rings are over the $5,000 limit, the team owners must make up the difference. . Recent rings have been appraised in excess of $20,000 but manufacturers keep this information confidential.

Who will air the 2008 Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 2008 Broadcast . FOX is broadcasting Super Bowl 42, on Sunday February 3, 2008.. Broadcast begins at 6:00 PM EST, kickoff is at 6:18 PM.. The New York Giants are playing the New England Patriots in Glendale Arizona.

Who won the 2008 Super Bowl?

The New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots 17-14 in the 2008 Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLII was an American football game played on February 3, 2008 which featured the National Football Conference (NFC) champion New York Giants and the American Football Conference (AFC) champion New Eng (MORE)

Who is playing in Super Bowl 2008?

Super Bowl XLII, played in 2008, was between the National FootballConference (NFC) champion New York Giants and the American FootballConference (AFC) champion New England Patriots. The Giants defeatedthe Patriots by a score of 17-14.

Who is the singer in the 2008 Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 2008 Performers . Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers performed the halftime show. Jordin Sparks sang the national anthem. Alicia Keys performed in the pre-game show.

What does a super bowl ring cost?

The NFL pays around $5000 each for up to 150 rings for the winning team, although they have paid more as the price of gold increases. Some teams have paid additional fees when special designs pushed the price higher for that year's rings.

Cost of food at the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl concession prices are very expensive. According tophotos from the most recent game, cheesesteaks were $28, beer was$12 and hot dogs were $10.

How much does a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl cost?

According to CBS, who is broadcasting the game, 30-second spots are being sold for $2.5 to $2.8 million each. In 2009, NBC charged up to $3 million for 30-second ads. This does not include the cost of production and actor's pay. The Super Bowl has always been associated with high profile advertis (MORE)

Where was the 2008 Super Bowl played?

The University of Phoenix Stadium The Super Bowl played in 2008 was Super Bowl XLII, played at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ. The New York Giants defeated the New York Patriots 17-14 for the win. The Super Bowl for the 2008 season was Super Bowl XLIII, hosted in Tampa, FL at R (MORE)

What is the band playing the background music in the Garmin 2008 Super Bowl commercial?

The band in the Garmin Commercial during the 2008 Super Bowl was The Steve Grimmett Band. \n. \nSteve used to sing in a band called Grim Reaper in the 1980's. He then went to fill the role of lead vocals on another project called Onslaught and eventually ended up singing in Lionheart. \n. \nSte (MORE)

Who lost the Super Bowl in 2008?

Super Bowl XLII was played between the New York Giants and the NewEngland Patriots. The Patriots lost 17-14 after holding the Giantsto 10 points before their game winning drive in the final 2:39.

Were and when is Super Bowl 2008?

the super bowl was at Glendale's university of phoenix stadium" class='external' title=" of phoenix stadium (formerly known as the Cardinals Stadium) and was the New England patriots vs the New York Giants.

What were the best Super Bowl commercials for 2011?

Super Bowl Ads 2011 As every year, many folks are more excited by the commercials during the Super Bowl than by the football game itself. So it goes - plenty of companies are prepared to take on the challenge and entertain you during breaks! Some of the more-talked about ads: . Old Spice guy (MORE)

Are Super Bowl commercials funny?

Sometimes the commercials are funny. Basically there are some people who watch the Super Bowl only for the commercials and to see how funny they are. It's all a matter of opinion.

How much does a commercial cost in Super Bowl XLV?

A 30-second ad in Super Bowl XLV (2011) on CBS costs between $2.5 million and $2.8 million. The record cost for a Super Bowl commercial was during the 2010 Super Bowl on NBC, when ads averaged $3 million a piece.

What were some commercials on the 2011 Super Bowl?

some commercials were: . the kid in a Darth Vader suit forcing a VOLTSWAGON . the dragon burning the ice for coke . snickers . the angry bird preview . and the Doritos's commercial there were different ones. . there can be more but that's what i remember!

Why does a super- bowl commercial cost so much?

Advertising rates are based on how many people will see the advertisement. Shows that have a lot of people watching can charge higher rates than shows that don't have a lot of people watching because more people will see the commercial. Since so many people watch the Super Bowl, the network can char (MORE)

What were the best Super Bowl commercials for 2012?

Some favorites included: . The M&M's: Sexy and I Know It . Doritos: Man's Best Friend . Honda CRV: Ferris Bueller . Volkswagen: The Dog Strikes Back My favorite super bowl commercials are . Volkswagen: The Dog Strikes Back . 2012 Super Bowl Mercedes-Benz Commercials