Cost to hang a door?

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No way..! Looking at a price competent for N.Y. / Los Angeles Areas, a charge for a skilled labor to install a door should average around $75 an hour; and to hang a new door (average measurements being 32" x 80") with #2-hinges, doorknob and strike plate needing to be drilled/chiseled out should take less than 2-hours. Most skilled labor (and I do mean someone with experience and proper tools) will charge between $150 - $250 per door with the higher end figuring in the need to sand and plane some of the sides of the door to fit since most existing door jams are not square. Note: It is usually a faster and potentially a cheaper outcome to install a pre-hung door that can be purchased with the door already set within a door jam and (usually) fabricated with a doorknob and strike plate holes already cut... The installation time is quicker for a pre-hung door by 30 minutes (with a rough installation time being 1 1/2 hours) and there being an add-cost of casement moldings for both sides of the door frame with the installation time already figured into the estimate. If the door jam is not square, and more time is needed to shape the door to fit, an add-cost should be figured into the labor time.
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