Could a girl have been a virgin if she did not bleed after sex?

Could a girl have been a virgin if she did not bleed after sex?
  • some female virgins bleed, some don't
  • some virgins experience pain during first time intercourse, some do not
  • some girls have a natural hymen, some do not
  • a girl's hymen can rupture naturally, or due to athletics, using tampons or sexual devices
  • If a female hymen is still intact after having sex, it is very rare. It happens to 1 in 500 females. Usually, the female has to go to the doctor to have it damaged, so the female doesn't hurt every time they have sexual intercourse.

Each experience will be similar to all others, but unique to the individual. There are no hard fast rules.
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What causes a virgin to bleed?

Either that she is not aroused enough and therefor dry, or that one of the folds surrounding the vaginal entrance breaks when the muscles is stretched.
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Do men bleed after their virginity is lost?

Only if they did something very wrong. There is no reason for them to bleed and nothing for them to bleed from.
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Why do you bleed when you lose your virginity?

Occasionally, a girl will bleed after losing her virginity because her hymen (small flap of skin near vaginal opening) has not been stretched enough. Not everyone bleeds thoug (MORE)

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Can a girl be virgin and not bleed?

Oh yes, not all bleed. And not all have their hymen intact due to sports etc or they have one that is very stretchy or were born without one. You know a woman is virgin by ask (MORE)
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Do girls bleed when they lose their virginity?

No, not all girls bleed when they lose their virginity. It happens for some though, and is perceived as a normal outcome because of her hymen being torn.
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Do guys bleed after losing their virginity?

He shouldn't, and if he does, something is wrong and he should seek medical attention. Males do not have a hymen that can be broken, so any bleeding is caused because of some (MORE)

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