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Could a girl have been a virgin if she did not bleed after sex?

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  • some female virgins bleed, some don't
  • some virgins experience pain during first time intercourse, some do not
  • some girls have a natural hymen, some do not
  • a girl's hymen can rupture naturally, or due to athletics, using tampons or sexual devices
  • If a female hymen is still intact after having sex, it is very rare. It happens to 1 in 500 females. Usually, the female has to go to the doctor to have it damaged, so the female doesn't hurt every time they have sexual intercourse.

Each experience will be similar to all others, but unique to the individual. There are no hard fast rules.
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Does a virgin girl bleed when having sex for the first time?

Does a virgin girl bleed when having sex for the first time?

    Not necessarily. The normal cause of bleeding during a first sexual act is tearing of the hymen, which is a thin tissue stretched across the entrance to the vagin

Do girls bleed when they lose their virginity?

No, not all girls bleed when they lose their virginity. It happens for some though, and is perceived as a normal outcome because of her hymen being torn.

Do all virgin girls bleed during first time sex?

Not always. Even if you've never "done the deed" with a guy before, you might have broken your hymen some other way. Like masturbating, riding a bike, ect. It's also possible

If your not a virgin can you still bleed after sex?

Well... my own experience is that I didn't bleed the first time I had sex or a few other for that matter, how ever I did bleed once when I had sex after a few times, it wasn't

Why does a virgin girl not bleed during or after sex?

A virgin bleeding after her first sexual encounter is due to the tearing of the hymen. If the hymen is no longer intact (because of exercise, tampon use, or anything else) the

Why do virgins bleed when they have sex?

They bleed because the hymen is being broken. Also the walls of the vagina are very sensitive and not used to the abrasion caused by the thrusting penis. This causes tiny tear

Are you still a virgin if you did not bleed after sex?

Answer   no you are not a virgin because every woman is different and some bleed and some do not. there are women who bleed a lot and some not at all, i only bled a littl

If a girl bleed after sex is she virgin or not?

When a girl bleeds after sex it can mean she's not a virgin after that, on her period, or not lubricated enough or something wrong within the girls body. There are many reas
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If a girl has sex in her childhood and has not been bleeded at all wil that affect her future is she a virgin or notwill her husband come to know tat she had sex before pre mature?

Well if someone has sex then they aren't a virgin anymore. If a girl (after having sex when she was on her period) hasn't had her regular period after then there is a chance
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Does a virgin girl bleed when having sex for the first time video?

A virgin girl can sometimes bleed when having sex for the first  time due to the breaking of the hymen. Sometimes the hymen can be  already broken due to physical activity.