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Could amoebas live in the water of a swimming pool that's over 26 degrees and cause meningitis?

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No, most pools in Arizona are about 32 degrees celsius or 89 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer
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What would cause the water in a swimming pool to be blue not clear?

You need to add chlorine. I doubt in the above answer that chlorine will clear up a "blue water" situation. BTW, is the water or the pool surface - floor, walls etc - blue - t

What causes swimming pool water to turn green when it is shocked?

If your pool water turns green after it is shocked with chlorine, it is too basic. Algae can thrive there now and it is green. Add pool acid (it may require several gallons) a

What would cause you to be sick after swimming in a salt water pool?

Answer   If you accidently swallowed some of the salt water.   Unless the sanitary conditions were extremely poor you may not have gotten sick from the pool water. How

What caused your swimming pool water to turn red?

Well I'm not sure about you but I thought peeing in the chlorine makes the water react and turn pink around you... Or course I've never tried OR HAVE I!!! 2nd answer: The red
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Can amoeba be in a swimming pool?

Possibly. In some hot pools amoeba are a problem. They get washed into the pool with rain water. If your swimming pool is well maintained - chlorinated correctly - maybe amoeb