Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend puts his sperm on his finger then puts inside of you?

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Yes, you could get pregnant You can also become infected with a sexually transmitted disease this way. If your boyfriend has so little consideration for you as to take such risks like this (the possiblity of becoming pregnant or giving you an STD), you may need to re-think your relationship with him.
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Can a girl get pregnant if there was semen on your fingers and you wiped them off before you put them inside her?

It only takes _ONE_ sperm cell to fertilize an egg. There are millions of them in just one ejaculation. In reality, if the fingers are not wet with semen, then there wont be much to worry about. yes it only takes one but the chances of a small amount of sperm to make it all the way to the tubes is (MORE)

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend only puts it in your bum?

Highly unlikely. All though, if the sperm gets near the vaginal opening, there is a slim chance it could get inside. I agree with the slight chance if sperm gets into your vaginal canal from ejaculation or rubbing of sperm near your vaginal opening. Highly rare, but it is not a 100% impossibility. (MORE)

If your boyfriend was playing with his penis inside his pants then fingered you and may have had semen on his fingers could you be pregnant?

Answer . \nTechnically there is a possibility that pregnancy could occur under these conditions. If these 2 events were to happen within minutes of each other there could be the possibility that pregnancy can occur. If the girl had a egg ready to be fertilized, and the sperm managed to come in (MORE)

Could you be pregnant if you and your boyfriend had unprotected sex the day your period ended but he didn't ejaculate inside of you but he put it back in right after he came?

Yes just because he didn't ejaculate inside of the vagina doesn't mean there is no semen left inside. Semen can live for multiple days inside the vagina. Chances of pregnancy rise every day starting day 3 of your cycle - and yes your BF placing his penis in your vagina after he has an orgasm wil (MORE)

Can a girl get pregnant if you touch a damp spot of sperm on your boxers with your finger wipe your finger off and put a spermicidal condom on with that same finger and stick it in her vagina?

Answer No, the damp spot contains living sperm cells, but the act of wiping it off your finger and using a spermicidal condom has reduced the probability to < 0.01%. the pregnancy is from another introduction of sperm cells Answer No she cant get pregnant that way and honestly if you don't kno (MORE)

You put sperm on your fingers and you put it up your vagina are you pregnant?

Putting sperm into the vagina doesn't mean that you are pregnant, but it could lead to pregnancy. Easy concept: ONE SPERM + ONE EGG = PREGNANT. It doesn't matter where the sperm was before it reaches the egg if the sperm and egg are both viable. . If you think that you might be pregnant, do (MORE)

At the end of our date my boyfriend went inside and came back and said he touched his penis. Then we made out and he put his hand down my undies and played with my vagina. Could I be pregnant?

Probably not, but it's possible. It depends on what was "going on" with your boybriend and whether he got any sperm on his hand after touching himself. If he did and transferred it to you, you could become pregnant. But this is unlikely given the circumstances. What do you do now? Glad you asked.. (MORE)

Can you get pregnant if you put sperm in your vagina with your hand?

YES. Any time that living sperm come in contact with the vagina, even the outer labia, can result in pregnancy. It's less likely than internal ejaculation, but it is still very, very possible. HOWEVER, consider the reasons you want to do so. Are you old enough to have and raise a child on your own (MORE)

Will i get pregnant if he puts his finger in my vagina?

No you cant. UNLESS: while not especially likely, if he is also masturbating himself or you are using your hand on his penis and there is semen or the slippery pre-come that comes out of his penis before he orgasms on that same finger that is visiting your vagina...... Well, just saying that semen (MORE)

Can you get pregnant by taking the sperm from the condom and putting it inside you?

Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: There are variables to consider. Since sperm requires a particular environment in order to sustain itself, it will die quicker if it is outside of that environment (human body). Therefore, in order to successfully inseminate a female, the sperm would need to be r (MORE)

Can you get pregnant by putting a finger in your butt?

No you cant. To get pregnant 1 you have to be female 2 you have to be old enough to ovulate. 3 Sperm which is ejaculated from the penis of a male has to enter the vagina. That is the opening in front of the anus just under where the urine comes from. there is nothing in the "but hole" anus that can (MORE)

Is it bad to put sprem inside when you pregnant?

If you are in a monogamous relationship, having sexual intercourse during pregnancy is not harmful. In fact, there are many views that intercourse during to and leading up to days before birth can actually be beneficial. The presence of sperm would have no bearing, provided your partner maintains a (MORE)