Could you put polyurethane on vinyl tile floor to seal it and make more waterproof?

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Yes you can, however, ensure that this is the best option before executing. I do this to reinforce the self-stick vinyl tile and laminate flooring in my basement and it works great. I got tired of dropping a knife or something creating a huge gash requiring replacement. The polyurethane layer has protected my floors for years. Occasional reapplication of polyurethane in spots where needed making it look new brand new again versus cutting out and re-sticking a piece of the laminate floor that will never look as good as new...I use the former. There are a lot of nay-sayers out there about polyurethane on vinyl tiles and laminate floors, but I've always had great success.
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How do you clean gunk off of vinyl tile flooring?

Purchase a can of ( AFTA ) at Home Depot, usually located in thecarpet section. Very little goes a long way. Try to gently scrape the gunk off of the floor. Sometimes a smallspray of WD40 and a few minutes will work to remove the rest. Ifyou are trying to remove wax or Mop and Glo, use ammonia wate (MORE)

How do you clean latex paint off vinyl floor tiles?

\n . \nuse wd40 and with a fine window scrapper scrap off. If you scratch the tile use a hair dryer over it this heats the tile and it remolds its self. . Rubbing alcohol will soften and remove the paint.

How do you strip and seal vinyl floors?

waxing kentile . I have old (20 plus probably) Kentile flooring in my home that I would like to wax. They are very dull and only stay shiny for a short period of time when I wax them with just a generic floor wax such as Johnsons or Armstrong.. Does anyone know the proper procedure for cleaning, (MORE)

How do you remove a polyurethane stain from vinyl flooring?

Bostik makes a urethane glue remover. Be sure to read the directions carefully. You can call Bostik at 978-777-0100 and ask a technical support person first, to be sure. This product works excellent on wood flooring, not sure about vinyl, so I'd call them first.

Can you put polyurethane over latex paint on a chair to seal it?

Latex paint is Porous, breathable. If it were like alkydpaint that wasn't able to allow moisture to pass through it wouldcrack when moisture is built up behind it. Just as it is porous, itis also fairly elastic, unlike again alkyd paint. Latex paintdoesn't reach maximum durability until it fully c (MORE)

Do you need to seal your travertine tile floor?

Answer . YES natural stone is porous and will stain unless it is properly sealed. Aside from staining, not sealing any natural stone tile can lead to mold and mildew growth, and the porous surface will attract moisture. There are cleaners to help with stains and moisture problems, but they d (MORE)

What is best way to clean dirty vinyl floor tiles?

1. Sweep or vacuum the obvious dirt 2. Mop with water. (Fill thebucket no more than half way, change the dirty water often, wringthe mop well before placing on the floor) 3. Rinse the dirty mopwell, then mix 1 cup white vinegar per 1 gallon of water. 4. Mopusing solution. If water gets dirty, change (MORE)

Can you install ceramic floor tiles over vinyl floor tiles?

You can buy mortar that works on old vinyl floors. But I wouldn't recommend it. Assuming that you are going over OLD vinyl floor, you also have to assume that the glue holding the vinyl floor down is OLD and probably failing. Keeping that in mind, if you go directly over the vinyl floor, you are (MORE)

How can you place Vinyl floor tiles directly on the sub floor?

Usually. Most peel-and-stick vinyl tiles have a decent glue and will adhere to a clean and relatively smooth subfloor. Make sure it is not OSB or particle board subfloor as peel and stick will not adhere I would recommend priming the subfloor with an oil-based primer first. If it is plywood, make (MORE)

Can you polyurethane a vinyl floor?

No, you can't. It would peel off like sunburned skin, if it ever even set up. And why in the world would you want to do that anyway? Yes you can;

How do you put vinyl on wood floor?

Glued down vinyl is put on an underlayment. Coming in sheets likeplywood, this is put down first to give a smooth and level surfaceto glue to. All seams between the boards need to be filled with acompound and sanded level. Make sure that all nails or screws arein solid and the heads don't protrude. (MORE)

Do you need to seal tile floors?

Yes.. If it is a ceramic or porcelain tile you only need to seal the grout.. If you have a natural stone or quarry you need to seal the tile and the grout.. Generally when you install natural stone, you seal the tile before you grout. Otherwise the colorant in the grout will seep into the tile.. (MORE)

Can you use a floor steamer on vinyl floor tiles?

You shouldn't use a floor steamer on vinyl floor tiles because thesteam could cause the floor to buckle, come up at the seams or onthe edges. Steamers are good for tile floors and some hardwoodfloors.

Can you seal a slate tile floor with polyurethane?

Polyurethane scratches easily which will definitely show throughyour slate tile, also due to the porous nature of all naturalstones the poly will become a permanent fixture in your otherwisebeautiful tile. So, in that case, it could be done using the latestspecifications and design criterion for the (MORE)

How do you Polyurethane Ceramic Tile Floors?

You cannot polyurethane ceramic tile. Polyurethane requires a porous surface. Ceramic is glazed and therefore has no pores. If the floor didn't shine when it was new, it never will. If it is dingy, use white vinegar and water. It works great.

Is vinyl flooring waterproof?

Three basic types of "Vinyl" flooring . 1960's True Vinyl, which is paper with pattern & urethane coating . 1800s Linoleum which is cork dust & linseed oil, rare but not impossible to find (good green attributes!) . 1990's Fiberglass flooring. New generation & is quickly replacing the older stuff (MORE)

Can I put vinyl flooring over ceramic tile?

Not directly as the ceramic tiles will soon show through the vinyl flooring. If the ceramics are laid on a wooden floor, you must take up the tiles and overboard with 6mm plywood. If the tiles are on a concrete floor, you can leave them down and lay a latex screed on top to provide you with a smooth (MORE)

How do you cut vinyl floor tiles?

Generally you only need a utility knife. They also sell a vinyl tile cutter, but they can be expensive. Take the utility knife with a straight edge and using pressure cut the tile. Sometimes you will need to cut more than once.

Can you put polyurethane over exsisting polyurethane floors?

Yes. You first need to "screen" it. Just mean a very light sanding to remove the top film and roughen up the service to give the new layer something to bite into. We do this in houses all the time. 4 or 5 years after we do someones floors, we will come out and screen the floors and put on just o (MORE)

Is polyurethane waterproof?

Polyurethane is considered very water resistant. The degree to which the polyurethane imparts waterproofing to to something it is applied to depends on the exact chemistry used to polymerize it, whether a blowing agent has been used to make it a foam (i.e. polyurethane foam), and the preparation of (MORE)

Average Cost to seal a tile floor?

an average price to seal a floor properly is 1.00 per sq.ft. plus the cost of sealer used. This is a very poor answer, it depends greatly on what kind of tile, the use, how much & in what city.. Use average if you like, but on average your going to right as much as your wrong & that IS no way to ru (MORE)

Can you put polyurethane on laminate floors?

Always hate to answer a question with a question, but sometimes it helps.. Why would you want to do that & what does it get you?? Laminate has a stain proof surface and the Polyurethane wont stick long term, My belief & experience is that what you propose wont work..

Can you lay vinyl tile over glued laminate flooring?

Yes but the finish is pretty poor. The laminate will need to expand and contract. This happens at a significantly different rate to vinyl. - Its always better to get the laminate up and ply or use self leveler and lay the vinyl as new.

Which vinyl floor tiles are the easiest to install?

The easiest vinyl floor tiles to install are the type called "peel and stick" tiles. These tiles come pre-cut so there is less measuring and little cutting. The backing peels off and the tiles can then be placed on the floor.

Where can I go to buy good vinyl floor tiles?

Armstrong would be a great place to purchase vinyl tiles from. This is a very good company that many people rely on for excellent service. The quality of their products is great.

How much do vinyl floor tiles cost?

At most retailers, you can get 20 vinyl flooring tiles for between $10 and $30, and depending on the caliber of quality you would like, they can be as much as $50 for 20 tiles.

Is vinyl flooring cheaper than ceramic tiles?

Vinyl flooring may be cheaper than ceramic tiles but that really depends on the type and quality of the vinyl flooring in comparison to the type and quality of ceramic tiles. Also factor in the potential cost of labor. Best determine the look you want, and talk to several retailers to get quotes in (MORE)

Can you put vinyl on top of tile?

No this is not advisable, As the tile has lines called grout lines, they are indented as is most of the tiles you buy. Then to ad the adhesive of the vinyl and then the vinyl you will have air trapped which will cause the vinyl to move , rip, and you wont like this either. It has to laid atop a clea (MORE)

What are the advantages of using vinyl floor tiles?

There are several advantages to using vinyl floor tiles over other materials. The most common are the ease of installation and replacement as well as the costs of purchasing the tiles themselves. There is also the particular look and feel of vinyl which is distinctive and more desirable to some over (MORE)

Can you put vinyl tiles over wallpaper?

yes but consider the possibility of tiles coming off with paper...mortar or adhesive chemical reaction could cause seperation bubbles between wallboard and wallpaper

How do you prepare cement floor for vinyl tile?

Ensure concrete is clean, smooth and dry. Concrete should be firstcleaned with degreaser to remove any residue. Use a self levelingcompound if floor is not level or has some low areas. Fill anycracks or holes prior to using leveler. Allow leveler to dryovernight and seal concrete the following day t (MORE)

Why would vinyl tiles come off the floor?

The glue used to stick them to the floor is weak, or there was dirt or foreign matter under the tile, or the under floor was not completely clean when it was laid.

Can Ceramic tile be installed over vinyl floor?

Yes it'spossible. But installation can be unreliable. So better to askabout it to home experts. If you are looking for Ceramic tile fororder then you can get it easily through stores like"BuilderoutletUSA"