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Could you still be pregnant if you had sex 3 to 4 days after bleeding and a couple of days later started cramping and having breast soreness for the next three weeks?

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Well i had unprotetced sex with my partner on holidays while having my periods. Its been 22 days since that and i feell differnt. i have been getting crampy pains and twinges and alot of gas. I also normally go to the toilet regular but i have been going more and its not normally like me (stools). I do think its still possible to get pregnant after your priods, any time is a risk time. I haven't taken a test yet, but in a few days i will find out?
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Could you be pregnant if your period came three days later and your nipples have been sore for a couple weeks?

Yes--late periods, light periods, nausea, breast tenderness are some of the earliest signs of pregnancy. To ease your worries, test yourself. But be aware false negatives are

Could you be pregnant if had sex the same day you ovulated and now five days later you are still having cramping on your left side?

  Answer   When an egg is released it lasts 12-24 hours, and for the sperm is to fertilize it, it has to go through a process first, that I believe takes a couple ho

Your breast were sore from 3days post ovulation after unprotected sex on your fertile days its now 4 days before next period and are still tender and very sore could you be pregnant?

    Answer     This could be pregnancy related or it could simply be due to your period approaching. Perform a pregnancy test in 7-9 days if your period does

I should be getting my period with in the next week i have been experiencing cramps for a 4 days now with no bleeding I took a pregnancy test but it's negative could I still be pregnant?

While you could be, there is no reason to worry about it yet. Wait. Your period will either come or it won't. If it doesn't, then after a week, take the test. Consult with a