Could you use balsa wood to hang an heirloom crazy quilt by using fabric glue to glue it on?

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I would not recommend using glue on an heirloom quilt. A better solution would be to create a pocket (or sleeve) for a curtain rod to go through, and then sew that to the quilt.

For detailed information on how to do this (with illustrations!), please see the related Quilt Woman link, listed below:
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What do you use to remove vinyl glue from a wood floor?

dampen a rag with lighter fluid or mineral spirits. no you wont remove the polyurethane, its dry. but it will however remove the glue with no problem or blemishes in your poly.

What kind of glue do you use to glue cork board to painted wood?

Myself, I wouldn't glue to a painted surface, to many problems with adhesion. The easy fix, example: if your corkboard is 24"x24", sand down to clean wood a 23"x23" area on your painted board, now you can glue your corkboard on your other piece, and you won't have any adhesion problems. I used a 1" space but you can use 1/2" or 1/4", what ever you feel comfortable with.(I suggest Titebond 111, by Franklin, its an excellent all-around glue for wood). ANS 2 - Silicone will work without affecting the paint .

What glue to use for wood?

maybe some type of adhesive like fevicol ANS 2 - Yellow carpenters glue is best. When applied, clamp the pieces for about 4 hours for strongest join

Is it possible to use paper as wood glue?

Yes, if you can put pressure on the surfaces then it's a permanent join, you can test it - put to wood-boards together and try to break them with the hummer etc, it wont come apart on the glued spot. ANS 2 - NOT possible as a permanent repair.

Was asbestos mastic glue used in wood laminating?

Yes it was, generally in the laying of wood floors, Asbestos, a common filler (usually with Tar) that was low in cost, was used but later found to be an extremely hazardous material and ultimately was banned.

What is wood glue used for?

Wood Glue is used to glue a broken piece of wooden chair back together or any other type of wooden things that brake. Wood Glue is used for wood only.

What is glue used for?

Glue is a special material that most people use when they are doing work. It is used to stick any object to another object. Glue can get very messy, and will sometimes make your hands stick together.

What is the strongest glue for balsa wood?

Any wood glue is fine and will be stronger than the wood it's self when done correctly. Titebond is excellent, and is also available in a waterproof version (Titebond3), as well. Keep everything clean, clamp the joint, firmly without crushing the material, and don't expect end grain, to glue up strong, no matter the species of wood. Research how to glue up wood if you don't know, it takes more than good glue to make a good joint, in wood. PS wipe up your glue squeeze out, with a damp rag.

What is the strongest glue for balsa wood structures in the world?

The best glue for balsa wood is contact adhesive. ANS 2 -the best glue for balsa wood is yellow carpenter's glue. Use pressure (a clamp) to hold it together at least 4 hours.

What glue do you use to stick plastic to wood?

either super glue or epoxy you could also use a hot glue gun and it should stick to the wood for sure. but use super glue ok thanks for being dum

What kind of glue do you use to glue metal and wood?

You use different kinds of glue to glue metal and wood most effectively. However you can glue metal TO wood with epoxies.

Fabric Glue- What is it and What is it used for and are there alternatives available?

There are many different types of glue available for use on fabric. You would need to read the labels to find the specific one that fits your needs. You can find several types of glue at a hardware store, a sewing supply store, a hobby store, and a stationery store. Each one has a list of uses on the label.

Is there any constituent of milk used in wood glue?

No, there used to be, way back, but now most wood glues are mainly poly vinyl acetate.

How do you use glue to hold wood?

Put some glue on the piece you want to join and clamp the other piece to it. Leave it clamped for 4 hours

What can you use to take crazy glue off your fingers?

Acetone-based nail polish remover will remove the glue. Wash your hands with warm water and soap to get rid of the polish remover.

Can super glue be used on wood?

Depends on the make, usually yes, but read the instructions. Barrie ANS 2 - Super glue will NOT be as effective as Yellow glue on wood.

Why do you use glue?

well normally everyone uses glue to fix certain things like these ones below: clocks,lamps,bowls,plastic boxes,containers, frames, and many many more things. But naturally people use glue to fix many things. Like if you don't have tape or something sticky, but yet you have glue to be right there and supportive so it is ready to use for anything you need it for. So basically that is why you use glue. Besides glue works like magic. In seconds you have something that is very very important to you that just broke, so you get your glue and you glue it right away as soon as you get the bottle or stick. So that is why someone invented glue.

Is crazy glue harmful if used for long periods?

It is only harmful, to skin and things if you try to pull after a long period of time. .

Can you use vinegar to clean wood floors installed with glue?

The wood manufactures almost all universally say no. Generally they recommend a wood cleaner that is based with alcohol. Bruce makes a good cleaner as does Orange Glo. There are others out on the market that work well, but make sure it isn't based with water. Often it will say safe for wood, but contain large amounts of water.

What glue do you use to glue Acrylic?

You use an acrylic glue. -Weld on # 3, #4 or #16. All available in stores that sell plaexiglass and fibreglass.

Crazy glue directions for use?

Crazy Glue's general directions for use is to make sure that both surfaces to be bonded are clean and free of dirt, grease, oil, or anything that would keep the parts from making a good dry physical contact. If you are looking for directions to use Crazy Glue on something specific, you would need post exactly what you are trying to glue / bond.

What is pva wood glue used for?

It is used as a low cost, waterbased, non-toxic adhesive to glue wood to itself and other substrates

What is glue useful for?

It can stick anything on anything. ANS 2 - The RIGHT glue can stick anything to almost anything.

What should I use to glue wood molding to mirror or glass?

I would use a good pressure sensitive glue like 100 % clear silicone, in a caulk tube (for ease of application) There are 4-5 good types of this adhesive in Home Depot at about $5 per tube. - I prefer 'Mono' , as it's always worked well for me.

What is the best glue to use for wood and granite?

If you are attempting to glue the 2 together for a small job I'd use a premium all purpose adhesive like PL Premium. If you are installing granite, or any other stone tile, I would use a proper tile setting mortar. ANS 2 - If it'a small job, epoxy will work but may be too expensive for something involving a lot of granite.

Glue used to glue a carpet?

A carpet vinyl glue, the exact kind depends on the carpet, but many examples of these glues in Home Depot.

What glue do you use to stick laminate to wood?

Use Weldwood Contact Cement. Available at most home improvement stores. Use a disposable paint roller to apply to both surfaces. Wait till the glue dries and then stick the two together. BE CAREFUL! Once you stick them together, there is no moving the laminate. Once those two surfaces touch, they are stuck.

Was crazy glue used in the war for healing cuts?

Super glue, which is more or less the same, was used to heal incisions during the Vietnam war.

Does balsa wood have glue in it?

No, balsa wood is simply a very light, but strong wood, much used in models for it's strength relative to weight. You should glue it with TiteBond ll.

What is the use of balsa wood?

The use of Balsa wood is almost nothing. One of the places you can buy it is at any crafts store. It can be used to create small models like wooden airplanes. Overall, you should not use it for much other than wooden models.

What glue do you use to glue polystyrene to wood?

I would use one of the silicone glues like Plumbers Goop or 100% Silicone for this.

What can you use to glue wood to polyethylene?

Polyethylene is one of those very slippery new plastics that nobody has developed a suitable glue for. -In plumbing use, it's 'hot air welded' and even in simple pipe application thre is no transfer cement or glue that will melt it. If I had your problem, I would try to find a suitable 'mechanical' method -possibly screws or rivets.

What is Glue is used for?

Glue is an adhesive used to create a bond between two surfaces. The strength and texture of glue varies from a thin liquid to a thick paste. Glue can be clear or opaque in appearance, and can be dyed. Glue may have a strong odor or "fumes", when inhaled can be dangerous or fatal. Glue is NOT intended for consumption. ALWAYS follow the directions and safety precautions that comes with the glue.

Can i use crazy glue on my fake nails or is it bad for them?

Crazy Glue is not healthy for you, not to mention it could be a pain to get it off. I do not suggest this method- use nail glue. Honestly, don't be more concerned about your fake nails than you are of your health.

Does crazy glue work on wood?

No, crazy glue does not work well on wood. Wood is too uneven and porous, which is why PVA glues work well on it.

Why would you not use pva glue when gluing wood outside?

You would not use PVA when gluing outside if it was in wet or damp conditions. PVA glues can be used outside as long as it's not raining. Once the glue is cured it can be painted or varnished over and is then impervious to rain or normal wet conditions.

Can you use crazy glue to glue metal to metal?

Yes. You have to rough up the pieces and ensure you clamp them together. It will never be as strong as it is non-porous and you are not modifying the molecular structure of the metal.

When using glue on split wood do you drive nails in when the glues wet or dry?

wet...predrill for nails before you drive them in ANS 2 - If you're driving nails in, why bother to glue it. - I would glue it, then clamp it with woodwork clamps and it will hold better than nails.

What glue should you use to glue wood and polysteren together?

I've often glued wood and polystyrene parts with epoxy. It works well with dis-similar materials like that.

What glue do you use to glue HDPE?

No glue has been made that makes a satisfactory joint on HDPE. There is a'hot rod welding' process, or gluing with a transition cement AND a screw to ensure no coming apart. -I'd choose a more versatile pipe if I was you.

What is the best glue to use to make wood stick to glass?

Mirror adhesive. It is made to glue mirrors to doors. It can be found at most hardware stores.

What glue is used to bond wood to granite?

If it is a granite work top in a kitchen then a silicon caulk will do the job as the weight of the granite top will do most of the 'securing'. Otherwise a liquid nails construction caulking will also do the job.

What type of glue would you use to glue acrylic to wood?

I would use gorilla glue, that stuff will glue just about anything together. Make sure to use only a little bit, it expands and "foams" when drying.

Can you use crazy Glue on shower bases?

To seal a small leak, possibly. My material of choice for sealing or adhering would be 100% silicone.

What glue could use to glue wood to plastic?

an number of glues mainly strong ones like the ones the come in that tube with a nozzel and u have to get a tool to squeeze it out. . /\ - something like this!. ==. | |. | |. | |. ---.

What glue is used during the construction process of engineered wood?

A wood-glue is used in the construction process of engineered wood. There are multiple brands that provide such glue, however the most well known and trusted one is Gorilla Glue.

What glue holds two pieces of wood better super glue elmer's glue cement glue or crazy glue?

None of those are ideal . The best wood glue by far is Titebond lll and it's not too pricy.

Can you use super glue plastic to wood?

Super glue does not stick well to wood. It's more suited to smooth, shiny surfaces.

What kind of glue to use to hang laminated posters?

One kind of glue that you can use is called a photo mount contactcement. This is a spray on product. It can be used to hanglaminated posters.

What can i use for glue?

Depends on what you are gluing to what, and what it will be exposed to- moisture, heat, etc. If you are gluing paper to paper you can use a thin mix of flour and water as a glue. Wait until it dries thoroughly.