Could you use balsa wood to hang an heirloom crazy quilt by using fabric glue to glue it on?

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I would not recommend using glue on an heirloom quilt. A better solution would be to create a pocket (or sleeve) for a curtain rod to go through, and then sew that to the quilt.

For detailed information on how to do this (with illustrations!), please see the related Quilt Woman link, listed below:
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What glue to use for wood?

maybe some type of adhesive like fevicol ANS 2 - Yellow carpenters glue is best. When applied, clamp the pieces for about 4 hours for strongest join

What is the best glue to use when using Balsa Wood?

White or yellow wood glues are best for balsa wood. Use very small quantities.

Which glue is hardest by using wood?

Please re-write this so we know exactly what you wish to know.

What is wood glue used for?

Wood Glue is used to glue a broken piece of wooden chair back together or any other type of wooden things that brake. Wood Glue is used for wood only.

What is the strongest glue for balsa wood?

Any wood glue is fine and will be stronger than the wood it's self when done correctly. Titebond is excellent, and is also available in a waterproof version (Titebond3), as we

What is the best glue for balsa wood?

5 min. epoxy ANS 2 - Carpenters yellow glue is best for balsa wood.

What glue do you use on wood?

I use Tite Bond ll yellow glue on wood.

How do you use glue to hold wood?

Put some glue on the piece you want to join and clamp the other piece to it. Leave it clamped for 4 hours

Can super glue be used on wood?

Depends on the make, usually yes, but read the instructions. Barrie ANS 2 - Super glue will NOT be as effective as Yellow glue on wood.

What glue should you use to glue fabric?

Aleene's Fabric Fusion is the glue for that. Available in Walmart, Notion's Dept.

Crazy glue directions for use?

Crazy Glue's general directions for use is to make sure that both surfaces to be bonded are clean and free of dirt, grease, oil, or anything that would keep the parts from mak

Does balsa wood have glue in it?

No, balsa wood is simply a very light, but strong wood, much used in models for it's strength relative to weight. You should glue it with TiteBond ll.

What can you use to glue wood to polyethylene?

Polyethylene is one of those very slippery new plastics that nobody has developed a suitable glue for. -In plumbing use, it's 'hot air welded' and even in simple pipe applicat