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Could your boyfriend get welfare for his baby?

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No. The mother gets the support for the baby not the boyfriend.
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Can you get welfare for your baby if you are a pregnant teenager?

Yes, you can go to your local welfare office and apply for medicaid, food stamps and other benefits. I'm sure you can do this without your parents help.     You might

Is it possible that an abusive boyfriend could call child welfare on you and make false allegations?

Answer . He can make all the complaints he wants, but Child Welfare will investigate and they have to prove you are an unfit mother. Get phone numbers, names and addresse

If a boyfriend leaves his pregnant girlfriend could he get custody of the baby?

As unfortunate as this may be it is possible for the father to get custody of the baby, but not full custody unless the mother is proven unfit. Because reguardless of what hap

How can you have a baby with no boyfriend?

theres a few ways, the main ones are adoption, which can take years and lots of money, or you can use a sperm donor, where they use a sample of another mans sperm to impregnat

Can you have a boyfriend while of welfare?

Of course!! This is how welfare is perpetuated. It helps also if you're on welfare as well because we all know that you're no Julia Roberts and your boyfriend is no Richard Ge

What could happen when you are 18 and you have a boyfriend and a baby neither of you use any protection and we do not use the rhythm method?

As a young woman with a baby you need to educate yourself more regarding sex. A woman that has had a baby has a higher risk of becoming pregnant again and since you are not us

How could a mother leave her daughter for two years to be with her boyfriend and drugs so she could free of the baby and now want her back?

She would have to petition the court for custody and they will want to know why she left and what she has been doing during that time. If the daughter is old enough she can be