Coupon code for access pass on IMVU?

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Here's your answerr t oyour problem the code is SV9BB814HD and save it when you use it :D
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How do you get access pass on imvu for free?

I'm not exactly sure where you can find some free access passes, but I know where you can start looking; chat rooms. I found chat rooms that gave out 10 gem ourworld codes for free, I'm pretty sure you can find some sort of chat box or blog that gives this kind of stuff away. Start looking in Xat Ch

What is the code for IMVU?

There isn't a code for IMVU. if you mean a coupon code then use this DZMSUGUB4 runs out 4/27/12 hurry

Where do you put imvu coupon codes at?

When you buy credits there is a box that says "Have a coupon code?" click on it and then enter your code.

How do you get free access pass on imvu?

You can't get "free Access Pass" on IMVU, you have to have a credit or debit card to activate the actual thing. Anything with like "cheap AP" is usually a scam for you money, there's no such thing as free Access Pass nor is there such thing as free VIP, they all need to have a credit card related to

Will a parental code on your computer prevent access to IMVU or any of the other sites like this?

you need to set parental controls on your computer. follow the directions from this link. when you hit step 4 "content advisor" you will click the approved sites tab and input the sites your child is ALLOWED to go to. then follow the rest of th

What are imvu coupon codes for?

coupon codes take anywhere from 10 to 20% off your purchase of credits. you pay less for more credits and the person who created the code gets 1000 credits every time the code is used. its a win win situation! ZG7UDLBTTD is a great code i used it and got 15% off my purchase!!! it expires by 12/11/11

How do you get an imvu coupon?

um. . . . you mean prepaid cards? you can mostly find them in target depending were you are get 10% off $50 when you use this coupon DZMSZUGUB4 runs out 4/27/12 HURRY !! :)

What is a coupon code for access pass on IMVU?

A coupon code gives you a discount on a VIP membership. Trust me they suck it only gives you a limited time. So you have to get on everyday so when your VIP membership ends you'll know that u used it wisely. You should add me Msprincesslight