Courteous expression in attending a club meeting?

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* The meeting will please come to order.
* Mr. / Ms. Chairperson, may i have the floor?
* I respectfully nominate _______________ for President.
* Mr. / Ms. Chairperson, I move that the nomination for the president.

*** *** T T *** ***

***** I don't know if this is right *****
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What are the courteous expressions?

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What are examples of courteous expression?

"Excuse me..." "Please...?" "Thank you..." "Good morning/afternoon/evening..." "Might/May I...?" "I'm afraid..." "Shall we...?" "With respect..." "I would like
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Can you giveme a topic with courteous expression?

A courteous expression can be made for a club meeting or a telephone conversation. You can choose a phone call to be topic for your courteous expression. You can also use cour