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Debit is the left side of accounting statement and Credit is the right side of accounting statement. By debit we mean something comes inside the organization and by credit we mean, something goes outside the organization. That means debit means inflow and credit means outflow. For Example, we write Accounts Recieveable at, cash in hand, cash at bank, and assets at the left side of accounting statement as debit and write Accounts Payable, Bonds Payable, Bills Payable and other liabilities at the right side of accounting statement as credit. Hope answer the question
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What is a math sample using debit cards vs credit cards?

  Answer     A Debit card is just like writing a check. The money comes out of your checking account right away.   A Credit card sends you a bill and then you

Meaning of credit and debit?

Credit and debit are terms used in accounting and bookkeeping.  Debit is typically listed first on the left side and credit will be  on the right side. The words have opposi

What do you debit and credit on a credit sale?

Assume we are selling a dress on credit for $100; the dress has a cost of $80. Accounts receivable: debit 100 Sales: credit 100 Cost of goods sold: debit 80 Inventory: credit

What is the debit and credit?

  For the above questions, the three golden rules of accounting policies will give us the best answers.   1. Real a/c: Debit what comes in and Credit what goes out. Eg.

What is debited and what is credited?

Just remember this word "AEDLIC"   A : Asset   E : Expense   D : Drawings   L : Liabilities   I : Income   C : Capital   Now divide AEDLIC as AED &

Can a debit card be used as credit?

In the 1990's, USbank issued me a single plastic card that could be  used as credit or debit as a choice at the time of use. It may have  been called a "flexcard." (They hav

Is land a credit or debit?

Debit - expense or asset Credit - income or liability As land is an asset, it is a debit entry with the credit being to Bank/Cash/Sellor of the land