Csir net chemistry paper?

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search google for adichemistry

Get the study material for csir chemistry at adichemsitry

School of Chemical Sciences , Trajectory Education provides complete classroom & correspondence Course for csir-net chemical sciences .

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Which is the best reference material for csir net-life sciences exam?

I think you can refer correspondence Course of School of Life Sciences , Trajectory Education . They have generated excellent results and their materials are regularly updated (MORE)

When are UGC CSIR net examination for chemistry held?

it was held on june21th 2009again going to be held on 23rd December... csir-ugc conducts this test to give fellowships to the desirable candidates for continuing/doing wor (MORE)

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How will you qualify csir-ugc net jrf for chemistry exam?

Get the study material from AdiChemAdi site. See for the link to this site at Sources and related links. You can do coaching from TRAJECTORY EDUCATION .
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If you want to get success in your exam just read last 5 year sample papers of csir-net exam and get success you want to download free model paper of csir-net exam?

if you wanna get sucess in examination in exams it would be better to study hard and not to waste even a single second..!!! make a proper schedule i wish u all the very be (MORE)

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