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Who can ask that? just imagine!

How many anuses have you got? X - @

"ano" and "año" have totally different meanings.

IF you ask "¿Cuántos anos tienes?" people would laugh or they could even hit you!
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How do you answer cuantos anos tienes el?

Me reiría antes que nada si alguien me hiciese tal pregunta. Y que conste que no lo haría por burlarme de quien me la preguntara, pues sólo le seguiría la broma. Ja, ja, j

Cuantos ceros tiene un billon?

"Billón" es un nombre que significa en países españoles (12 ceros). En los EEUU, "billion" significa 1,000,000,000 (9 ceros). Este número es "mil millón

What does cuantos anos tienes mean?

It reads, "How many years do you have", otherwise asking how old are you.

What does cuantos hermanos tienes mean?

Literally, on its face, it means, "How many brothers do you have?" But implicit in the word hermanos (and the question itself) is the word hermanas. So what the question is re

Cuantos hermanos tienes?

How many brothers do you have? It could also mean how many brothers and sisters do you have?

Cuantos hijos tiene bill Clinton?

Bil Clinton tiene una hija. Ella nombre es Chelsea.

Cuantos dias tiene un mes?

The question is, "How many days does a month have?" The answer is, "O 28, 29, 30, o 31, depende el mes y el año."

Cuantos años tiene el?

"How old is he"   Make sure to differentiate from "cuantos anos tiene el?" (without  the ñ), since that means "how many anuses does he have?"

Is it cuandos anos tiene or cuandos anos tienes?

"cuando" means "when", don't mix it up with "cuanto" which means "how many"... You're probably looking for "how old are you", which is: "¿Cuántos años tiene?" (formal)