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Current italian government?

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As of 13 Nov 2011 the Italian government is in process of major change of leadership.
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How did Italian dictator Mussolini keep Italians from criticizing his government?

Mussolini's black shirts and secret police informed on everyone and  enforced his rule. Opponents were often arrested, or pubilcly  humiliated as examples to scare others in

What is the current Italian currency?

The euro is the current Italian currency. Italy is a member of the European Union. Use of the euro isn't a requirement of EU membership. For example, Sweden is an EU member

What is Portugal's current type of government?

A parliamentary republic is Portugal's current type of government. Through that form of government, Portugal has a President as the head of state. There's a Prime Minister a
In Israel

What is Israel's current government?

A parliamentary democracy. Israel's Current government is a parliamentary democracy, headed by a coalition in the Israeli Parliament (The Knesset), the head of the Government