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As of 13 Nov 2011 the Italian government is in process of major change of leadership.
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Who currently governs the principality of Monaco?

Prince Albert II currently governs the principality of Monaco. He  has been the Prince of Monaco since 2005.

Who is Chiles current head of government?

The president who is the head of government. Current President is Michelle Bachelect, who happens to be the first woman elected for this position in Chile, and the first one i

How did Italian dictator Mussolini keep Italians from criticizing his government?

Mussolini's black shirts and secret police informed on everyone and  enforced his rule. Opponents were often arrested, or pubilcly  humiliated as examples to scare others in

What is Portugal's current type of government?

A parliamentary republic is Portugal's current type of government. Through that form of government, Portugal has a President as the head of state. There's a Prime Minister a

What is the oldest current government in the world?

The United Stated of America holds claim to the oldest current national government in the world.. Actually, the oldest government is the government of San Marino, a European

How did Mussolini gain control of the italian government?

Benito Mussolini boldly promised to rescue Italy by reviving its economy and rebuilding its armed forces. He vowed to give ITaly strong leadership. Mussolini had founded the F

What is Germany's current form of government?

It is a federal republic. The present central government consists of a coalition of Christian Democrats and Free Democrats.  Germany is a federal, parliamentary, representa
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What is Israel's current government?

A parliamentary democracy. Israel's Current government is a parliamentary democracy, headed by a coalition in the Israeli Parliament (The Knesset), the head of the Government