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I bought the belt 3 years ago. I have extra jell packs. But i have had trouble with either finding the right time to use the belt or my period starts and I have to stop. I have used the belt very little. Maybe 5 times. My question is, After starting it again the day after my period stopped early in the day,later that night I started having muscle spasms below my belly button. and they havnt stopped. Do I continue to use the belt? Should I seek Dr.s Advise?
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Has anyone tried the contour ab belt and does it work?

The contour belt uses electronic muscle stimulation(EMS). Having worked in athletics for a number of years, this is a similar treatment to what is know as Stem, we use this tr

Does the contour ab belt work?

The contour abs core sculpting system does 'work' in the sense that it will cause your abs to contract like you're doing crunches. But - its not good quality, I bought one a

Do ab toning belts work such as the contour or 4sportelec?

  Yes, they do work, and there are medical studies and journals to prove this.     However, they are not a miracle fat reducer, and to see the best results you will

Can you use the contour ab belt without the gel pads?

Without the pads you cannot receive the current the contracts the muscles. also you must pay attention to care of the pads. when they wear you may still receive a current but

Does the contour ab machine work?

Depends on what you mean by "work". Will it do something - yes. Will it be as easy to use, and give as good results as in the commercials - no.

Does a contour abs belt work?

There are no shortcuts to a healthy body. Instead of buying all these belts and pills, just join a gym, eat healthy and exercise daily. The natural way is the best.

Does the ab circle contour ab belt and health master really work?

no it does not i bought i for 200 bucks and it doesnt work i used it for 3 whole months every day i recomend you just to go to a gym or run walk or jog in a park The ab ci

Does the ab transformer or ab belts work?

Yes! Electrical stimulation has been used by doctors for a long time to strengthen atrophied muscles. Although the "jolts" to your muscles may be somewhat painful, within ju