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Who do you say my dad in french?

Mon Pere is My father  Mon Papa is My dad  But if your doing a school assignment I suggest using Mon Pere because it is more formal =]

What type of machine did 19-year-old French genius Blaise Pascal invent to help his dad do taxes in?

The year he turned 19, Blaise Pascal started work on a mechanical calculator. He finished it three years later. It was not to help his dad prepare his personal taxes, it was t

What is Mom and Dad in French?

Mom in french is maman  Mother in french is mère    Dad in french is papa   Father in french is père 

How do you know if your dad is your dad?

Look for similar traits, such as: hair, likes, dislikes, eye colour, etc. You could always see a doctor and ask to see your and your father's genes and ask if they are slightl