Daptar nama calon jemaah haji 2011 kab garut?

elyk mufia daulay
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What does no namas mean in spanish?

It means "no more"...end of story !! You will see other answers  stating it means.."Just" or "Just because". Well that is nonsense.  It simply means, correctly..."No more".

What does namae wa mean?

It's a short form of asking someone's name (especially listener's), literally means 'name?'. Figuratively means 'what's your (or his/their/etc) name(s)?'. Namae: name wa: par (MORE)

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Amou Haji is considered the dirtiest man alive. This 80 year-old Iranian man told reporters of the Tehran Times that he has not taken a bath in 60 years.Amou Haji is an Irania (MORE)
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How do you congratulate a haji in Arabic?

after someone came from Haj, and u visit him you say : hajjan mabroran WA sa'ayan mashkoran written : حجا مبرورا وسعيا مشكورا or simply you can say (MORE)

What the meanging haji Muhammad?

when a Muslims goes to spiritual travel of Hajj then he is called Haji. its a title. ----- A respectable intellectual and saintly personality of highest esteem with ISLAM is (MORE)
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What is the origin of Tabung Haji?

The origin is in Malaysia. Malaysia is an up and coming world power. They have been benefiting from a large, relatively cheap workforce, that has contributed to a booming econ (MORE)