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Das Beste oder Nichts?

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the best or nothing
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Where is the Oder river?

  It forms, with the Neisse, the border between Poland & Germany, post WW2.

What is da best program to use to make someone naked?

What kind of question is that? Do you plan to go sell pictures or something or are you crazy for sexual stuff? Either way, I think you'd best not try that. Unless it's not a

What does ''Das find ich nicht gut du'' mean?

> It's not even proper German grammar, I imagine someone is learning German and trying to insult you?   > They said, essentially, "I don't find you good."     No. W

What actors and actresses appeared in Der Fotograf oder Das Auge Gottes - 1992?

The cast of Der Fotograf oder Das Auge Gottes - 1992 includes: Karin Anselm Amadeus August Gerd Baltus Edgar Bessen Volker Brandt Trude Breitschopf Fiona Coors Bruno Dallansky