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Das Gebirge zwischen Frankreich und der Iberischen Halbinsel heißt?

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Das sind die Pyrenaen. (the "a" as umlaut, with two dots on top). Or in English - the pyrenees.
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What does auf der alm da ist es schön?

Auf der Alm da ist es schön translates as it's beautiful in the alpine pasture.

What does 'Im Wald und auf der Heide' mean in German?

It is best translated as "In the forest and on the heath". "Wald" is German for "forest" or "woods", and "Heide" is German for a heath.   A previous answer translated "Heid

What is the difference between der die and das in German?

Der, die and das are the German equivalent of the English definite article the. German nouns are divided into three genders: feminine, with the definite article die and indefi

Das ist der absolute hammer in English?

that's totally awsome! Well, I'm not quite sure what it means, but don't look here for answers....even if it is called answers.com.

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen POP3 und IMAP4?

mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gud zo in English the 2 standards you are asking about are the Point of Presence version 3 method and the Internet Message Access Protocol version

Was ist der Längen- und Breitengrad vom Amazonasbecken?

Was ist der Längen- und Breitengrad vom Amazonasbecken = what are the longtitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of the Amazon basin

What actors and actresses appeared in Das Gesetz der Liebe - 1949?

The cast of Das Gesetz der Liebe - 1949 includes: Julius Bennent Kurt Daehn Paul Dahlke as Leutnant von Gorschewski Gretl Elb Angelo Ferrari as von Roussillion, Operndirektor

What actors and actresses appeared in Das Erbe der Guldenburgs - 1987?

The cast of Das Erbe der Guldenburgs - 1987 includes: Elke Aberle as Brigitte Amadeus August as Maurice Bernard Balduin Baas as Detektiv Altdorf Balduin Baas as Georg Altdorf

What actors and actresses appeared in Mario und der Zauberer - 1994?

The cast of Mario und der Zauberer - 1994 includes: Monica Anna Cammerlander as Signorina Chico Marcello Arnone as Bath attendant Marcello Benassai as Guest in republican club