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Date and place of star voice of India 3 audition in Delhi?

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its in UK London
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Hotel to stay in new delhi India?

    There are a lot of different hotels to stay in Delhi Oberoi is one of the best hotel another one you can check out for Taj hotels.These are very expensive and luxu

When and where are auditions for Indian Idol 7 in Delhi?

Respected Sir / Madam I am Harsh Chauhan From Haridwar, i want to know the Delhi Indian Idol audition date 2013 so it's my humble request you please send me audition date

When are the next star auditions?

the next star auditions 2012 will start on Saturday, May 7 in Winnipeg Convention Centre, 375 York Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba. they will continue on these dates these places late

Is delhi and New Delhi different places?

yes. Delhi was the capital but the British founded new delhi. there are many place to hang out in delhi. i live in rohin and i love New york creamery and cafe a lot coz of the

Who made delhi capital of India?

Answer   In early 19th Century   In 1911.In 1911, at the King-Emperor George V's Coronation Durbar, the announcement was made that the capital of the Raj was to be shi

Social audit in India?

Social audit is one of the audit functions with focus on monitoring various programs. In India, it is used in the context of the effectiveness of the schemes / programs run by

How much do taxis cost in Delhi India?

The local taxi rate is 20 rupees for the first kilometer and 11  rupees for each additional kilometer. You'll be charged 25% extra  at night from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. There's a

When is the audition of dance India dance season 3?

Dance India Dance season3 is going to be for kids and will be  called Dance India Dance Li'l Masters. The audition details have  been given on the official website of Dance

What is the distance in kilometers from New Delhi India to Shimla India?

The distance between New Delhi to Shimla is 359 kilometre  and well connected by road, you have multiple road route to reach  Shimla from New Delhi.   Shimla is the near