Date and place of star voice of India 3 audition in Delhi?

Date and place of star voice of India 3 audition in Delhi?
its in UK London
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What date does Killzone 3 take place?

The Killzone series takes place in the distant future. To be exact Killzone 3 takes place just minutes after the ending of Killzone 2, which is November 2359 to May 2360.
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Which are the famous hotels in Delhi India?

Five Star Deluxe Hotel In Delhi:-   Taj Mahal Hotel  Taj Palace Hotel  The Lalit  Hyatt Regency  Le Meridien  Maurya Sheraton  The Park  The Oberoi  Vasant Continen (MORE)

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The Texas Star is a pattern of many names. Although it is widely known as the Texas Star, other names for the pattern include the Mathematical Star, which was common in Englan (MORE)
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Is delhi and New Delhi diffrent places?

yes. Delhi was the capital but the British founded new delhi. there are many place to hang out in delhi. i live in rohin and i love New york creamery and cafe a lot coz of the (MORE)