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Date and place of star voice of India 3 audition in Delhi?

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its in UK London
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When did delhi became the capital of india?

The capital of the British held territories in India was Calcutta.  In 1911, the capital was transferred to Delhi. The name was changed  to New Delhi in 1927, and the new ca

When and where are auditions for Indian Idol 7 in Delhi?

Respected Sir / Madam I am Harsh Chauhan From Haridwar, i want to know the Delhi Indian Idol audition date 2013 so it's my humble request you please send me audition date

Is delhi and New Delhi different places?

yes. Delhi was the capital but the British founded new delhi. there are many place to hang out in delhi. i live in rohin and i love New york creamery and cafe a lot coz of the

Where is Swaroop Nagar in Delhi India?

Its on GT Karnal Road, NH1.From By-pass one has to take GT Karnal Road, after 2nd traffic signal post needs to take right turn and the following road directly leads to Swaroop

Who made delhi capital of India?

Answer   In early 19th Century   In 1911.In 1911, at the King-Emperor George V's Coronation Durbar, the announcement was made that the capital of the Raj was to be shi

How old do you have to be to audition for The Voice?

You have to be 16 or over. Sorry you youngsters who have star potential and who want to audition. I wanted to audition too but I am only 11 ✌This sucks i have the Voice of a

Which are the famous hotels in Delhi India?

Five Star Deluxe Hotel In Delhi:-   Taj Mahal Hotel  Taj Palace Hotel  The Lalit  Hyatt Regency  Le Meridien  Maurya Sheraton  The Park  The Oberoi  Vasant Contine

How do you get to mumbai India from new delhi India?

You can go by air, it takes just an hour and 40mins or you could  take the train too but that would take about 25hrs or even a bus  with many stop-overs.   Distance betw