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Science has three branches - Physics, that deals with matter,energies and machines. Biology which deals with life, living things, etc. Chemistry which deals with chemicals,elements and other states of matter.
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What are the branches of biological sciences and there meanings?

Here are some:     Cytology - study of cells Anatomy and Physiology - study of form and function Zoology - study of animals Invertebrate Zoology - study of inver

What are 10 branches of science and their meaning?

Physics: the science which attempts to describe the basic rules which govern matter, energy, space, and time. Chemistry: the science which describes the behavior of specific s

What are the branches of physical science with their meanings?

In general, the Physical sciences study non-living matter, energy, and their interactions. Earth science, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics are, traditionally, the main bran

10 branches of earth science and their meaning?

1.Geology - study of the solid matter that makes up the earth, its  origin, composition, structure and history. it is divided into  several branches:   a. mineralogy - s

What is the deffinition of science?

Science is a systematic approach to find out the reason behind each and every happening around us and within us with an open mind ie un biased mind. Truth alone survives never

All branches of physical science and their meanings?

The branches of physical science includes astronomy, chemistry,  physics, and earth sciences. Astronomy studies stars and planets.  Chemistry studies the chemical makeup of
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Branches of earth science and their meaning?

The branches of Earth Science include, geology, oceanography,  astronomy, and meteorology. Meteorology means the study of climate,  astronomy is the study of the solar syste