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A web based system is one that can be accessed via a web browser and typically off-site or off of the network that you are currently on. The new generation of web based systems are known as "cloud based". Cloud based systems or cloud computing is just an efficient way to manage and utilize hard drive space allocating it as needed. It allows companies to scale their computer requirements up or down almost instantly. The new breed of web based systems also includes what is know as software as a service or SaaS.

As internet speed and technology improves all software will be moved onto the web or "cloud based". There will no longer be a need to buy and install software locally or worry about different versions or reinstalling the correct version in the event of a catastrophe. Filocity.com has built this platform today. MS Office and PDF documents can be created, edited and shared online with no need to worry about your computer or hard drive failing. You can work locally or online and all of your files are safely stored with version controls to insure you are working on the latest document. This will become the standard for all web based systems
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A system includes all elements (e.g., hardware, software, logistics support, personnel) needed to assist DoD in conducting its mission of deterring or winning war.

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Web based system it is the best?

i converted over to linux mint 12 a while back from windows, i tried a few others like chrome os, ununtu, and some others. but this os seems to the best. and hardley takes u
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