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Phraseology Building operations by owner, lessee, or real estate management firm: professional employees, property managers and leasing agents & clerical, salesperson's.
The professional employments included are property managers, leasing agents, model home hosts, clerical staff and outside salesperson's; no actual maintenance performed. Not applicable to an owner or lessee of a building who occupies the entire or principal portion of the premises for mfg. or mercantile purposes or to a business described by a Standard Exception classification. Shall not be assigned to an employee engaged in operations described by another classification.
Scope Code 9012 is assigned to professional outside sales and clerical staff of insureds who are owners, lessees, or real estate management firms engaged in building operations. Typically, Code 9012 is used in conjunction with building maintenance operations which are classified to Code 9015. For purposes of this scope, professional employees are defined as those who engage in one or more of the following operations: the collection of rent; showing vacant dwellings; preparing rental contracts; and overseeing the maintenance and security of the building or grounds. Professional employees who engage in maintenance or repair work or security operations are to be separately rated. It should also be noted that division of payroll is not available for employees engaged in duties contemplated by Code 9012 and operations described by another classification. Under these circumstances, the employee's wages are assigned to the higher rated of these two classes. Code 9012 is not available for an insured whose principal business is described by a Standard Exception such as a financial entity assigned to Code 8810-Clerical.
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