Definition of economics by Karl Marx?

Marx employed a labour theory of value, which holds that the value of a commodity is the socially necessary labour time invested in it. Capitalists, however, do not pay workers the full value of the commodities they produce. The gap between the value a worker produces and her wage is a form of unpaid labour, known as surplus value. Moreover, Marx notes that markets tend to obscure the social relationships and processes of production, a phenomenon he termed commodity fetishism. People are highly aware of commodities, and usually don't think about the relationships and labour they represent. Marx's theory of value, perhaps his most important contribution to the field of economics, albeit, the most rejected - stated that the value of any given commodity is determined by the socially average simple labour time used to create it, giving skilled labour value in multiple units of unskilled labour, suggesting that the market determines all prices based on this mythical underlying labour cost
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Sino si Karl Marx?

  Si Karl Heinrich Marx (Mayo 5, 1818, Trier, Alemanya - Marso 14, 1883, London, Inglatera) ay dating ma-impluwensyang pilosopo mula sa Alemanya, isang political economist (MORE)

Did Karl Marx believe there would be a peaceful overthrow of the government and economic system by the workers?

false. Second Answerer: Marx himself believed in a militant violent overthrow of the capitalist system. I think he decided to promote this type of revolution because it did (MORE)

Was Karl Marx a dictator?

No, Marx was never in any position of political or governmental power. He was a philosopher only.

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What is Karl Marx economic concept?

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What did Karl Marx believe would bring about an economic and social collapse in Europe and America?

Marx believed that it would be capitalism itself to bring about social crisis in advanced capitalist countries. He saw that capitalism was a system like feudalism before it, w (MORE)

Did Karl Marx see society's economic system being shaped by its value system?

No, Marx saw that the emergence of new economic systems was tied up with a great many things, primarily class struggle and the development of new and existing classes, the dev (MORE)

What economic system did Karl Marx develop?

Socialism/Communism. They`re the same thing.    Answer:   Socialism and Communism are not the same thing. Socialism is a form of government. Communism is a form of eco (MORE)

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