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Marx employed a labour theory of value, which holds that the value of a commodity is the socially necessary labour time invested in it. Capitalists, however, do not pay workers the full value of the commodities they produce. The gap between the value a worker produces and her wage is a form of unpaid labour, known as surplus value. Moreover, Marx notes that markets tend to obscure the social relationships and processes of production, a phenomenon he termed commodity fetishism. People are highly aware of commodities, and usually don't think about the relationships and labour they represent. Marx's theory of value, perhaps his most important contribution to the field of economics, albeit, the most rejected - stated that the value of any given commodity is determined by the socially average simple labour time used to create it, giving skilled labour value in multiple units of unskilled labour, suggesting that the market determines all prices based on this mythical underlying labour cost
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Did Karl Marx make a contribution to economics?

Yes, he philosophized the economic system of Socialism and other leftist political systems such as Communism, which had economic elements. Socialism and communism are actu

Was Karl Marx an economic determinist?

No. His philosophy was very complicated and encompassed a great range of things from human experience that many find difficult to understand and so they often make the mistake

What economic system did Karl Marx criticize?

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What would Karl Marx say about the economic bailout?

He would say that it is the responsibility of the government to protect the interests of its citizens. It doubtful however he would agree with the ethics of those doing it. -

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Who is Karl Marx and what economic system did Karl Marx support and why?

Karl Marx was a German philosopher and political economist who lived in the 19th century. He published several books; the most famous being The Communist Manifesto. In it he

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Karl Marx believed that capitalism was tearing us apart and that we needed to change to a communist nation, where we all get the same pay and there is no owning private proper

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What were Karl Marxs economic beliefs?

Take money/goods from the rich and well-to-do, and give it to the poor people, more or less. This is the greatest philosophy of government that I know of . . . well, other