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which means not true or Scientific belief' on the other hand should refer to knowledge that has been theorized and repeatedly tested out. But clearly not everything we do and believe has come under the scrutiny of the 'scientific method'. It would be absurd for us to require scientific backing for every step we take and every move we make. We can just be 'reasonable' about how we approach things. It sometimes surprises us to learn that one of our pet 'scientific beliefs' is really urban legend, and to discover how hard it is to give up one of these beliefs in favor of something more supportable. We've all experienced this kind of 'clash in the head' when we learn that something we have comfortably assumed for a long time is, in fact, not true. The history of science highlights many times when world views have abruptly changed, and adherents to the older theory fought tooth-and-nail to maintain their ways of thinking, even though they clearly represented what had become irrational thinking.

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