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All measures in grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm3):
  • Mercury - 5.427
  • Venus - 5.204
  • Earth - 5.515
  • Mars - 3.934
  • Jupiter - 1.326
  • Saturn - 0.687
  • Uranus - 1.27
  • Neptune - 1.638
  • Pluto - 2.03
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What planet has the lowest average density?

  Saturn wins by a considerable margin. It's the only planet less dense than water.

What planet has the lowest density?

Saturn has the lowest density of all the planets in our Solar System. It has a density less than water, so it would actually float if you could find a big enough bath. There

What is the density of the planets?

This is a difficult question to answer exactly since density = mass/volume and there is no way of measuring the mass or volume of a planet exactly, but the estimations are as

What planets have a really low density?

Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, and Neptune have the lowest densities. Generally, the gas and ice giants have the lowest densities. Saturn has the lowest density of 0.687 g/cm³ wh

Which of the planets have high densities?

Define "high".    The terrestrial planets have considerably higher average densities  than the "gas giants". In our Solar System, anyway ... it just so  happens that