Describe the Battle of the Alamo and explain why it is an important symbol in us history?

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The question is incorrect. The Alamo is part of Mexican and Texas History. The Alamo was not part of the US.
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When was the Battle of the Alamo?

Well, the date when the Mexicans stopped bombardment and fully attacked the Alamo with the Texans in it was the 6th of March in 1836. The whole battle was February 23, 1836-March 6,1836.

Describe the Battle of the Alamo?

the battle lasted about 13 days, between texians and mexicans. the purpose of the battle was to get the texan land, it was the most celebrated battle in history

What is the importance of the Alamo?

It signified American spirit and gave us the motivation to conquer Texas from the Mexicans and make it one of the 50 states. If your looking for an answer of the physical building, the Alamo was a great fortress to ward off the attacking Mexicans because of it's strategic location. Unfortunately the (MORE)

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Why was the Alamo important?

The Alamo was important because when it fell, it showed Texans how hard they would have to fight for independence. The loss also prompted Texas to recruit more volunteers to fight in this Revolution.

What are the most important battles in history?

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Why was there a battle at the Alamo?

During the Texan War for Independence, there was a battle at theAlamo Mission in south-central Texas in 1836 because of the Mexicanintent to seize the Alamo (and San Antonio) in pursuit of fullcontrol of their Texas territory. On the Texans' side, the intentwas to prevent the Mexicans from gaining c (MORE)

History of the Alamo?

the history of the Alamo is very complex because this is a very spicial building. in 1718 the Alamo was established but then it was called san antonio de Valero. in 1724 the building began. in 1793 by order of the king of Spain san antonio de valero is secularized. in 1802 the mission was converted (MORE)

Who was in Alamo battle?

John (a black) * - See note below Juan Abamillo -San Antonio R. Allen Mills DeForrest Andross -Vermont, San Patricio, Texas Micajah Autry -North Carolina, Tennessee Juan A. Badillo -San Antonio Peter James Bailey -Kentucky, Arkansas Isaac G. Baker -Arkansas, Gonzales, Texas Willima C (MORE)

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Why is the Battle of the Alamo important in Texas history?

Mostly it's a good story, providing a sense of honor to the Texas Revolution. But in the actual chain of events in 1836, its importance was this: by delaying Santa Anna's army in San Antonio, it enabled Sam Houston to gather and prepare a larger army which was able to defeat the Mexicans at San Jaci (MORE)

How was the Alamo important?

the Alamo was important because it were few Americans held of hundreds of Mexican forces for about thirteen days and it gave time for the US forces to get ready to attack the Mexicans

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Geography is important to history because it affects the history a lot. For example, the Revolutionary war teetered on the terrain and location of several battles. The British traditionally marched to war in formations, but the Americans used guerrilla warfare, hiding themselves in trees and other l (MORE)

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What Weapons were used in the Battle of the Alamo?

Kentucky-long rifles mostly, one shot pistols, and cannons ranging from 12pdr- an 18pdr and bob Anything available. Including Pennsylvania/Kentucky rifle, British Brown Bess muskets, British Baker Rifles, (British musket and rifles were used by both sides), the U.S. Common Rifle of 1817, trade rif (MORE)

Why was the Alamo chosen an important battle site?

It was the nearest thing there was to a "fort" in the area. It had the biggest cannons of any fort west of the Mississippi. It was at a hub of transport and resupply roads that Santa Anna couldn't leave behind him on his way to kill off everyone that he could in Texas. (He had just spent a coupl (MORE)

Why was the Alamo important to american history?

Quite simply, the duration of time that the defenders of the Alamo held Santa Ana and the Mexican Army gave Sam Houston enough time to mobilize an army of Texan volunteers which eventually defeated the Mexicans after they had conquered the Alamo. If the defenders of the Alamo had been defeated immed (MORE)

What was the battle the Alamo for?

The Battle of the Alamo was fight by 190-250 Texan troops against about 1,800 of General Santa Anna's Mexican troops. Santa Anna wanted to punish the Texans for defying his government. The Texans wanted independence and liberty from Santa Anna's centralist government.

What battle happened after the Battle of the Alamo?

The Texacans (not the crew from the Alamo) had another battle(can't remember the name) with the Mexicans still under Generalisimo Santa Anna. General Houston(I think?) and about 1200 men killed a large number of Mexican troops for the general to move out after calling a treaty

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Describe what happened at the Battle of the Alamo?

General Santa Anna led the Mexican army against William B. Travis and the Texas army and volunteers. After 13 days of bombarding the Alamo, Santa Anna made his final attack on March 6,1836 leading 1800 troops against 200 Texans. All of the Texans died.

What was the importance of Santa Anna at the battle of the Alamo?

Santa Anna was the general in command of the Mexican troops attacking the Alamo General Antonio Lopes de Santa Anna and his troops marched north from Mexico to bring Texas back under Mexican control. On March 6, 1836, at the Battle of the Alamo, Santa Anna's forces killed 187-250 Texan defenders and (MORE)

Why is the Alamo the most famous battle in history?

It is not the most famous battle in history. I know of no way to qualify the most famous battle in history. It is certainly the most famous battle in Texan history because the sacrifice of the Alamo made possible the later Texan victory at the Battle of San Jacinto. At the Alamo, a small number of T (MORE)

Why is the Alamo such an important event in Texas history?

In the Battle of the Alamo, the defenders fought to the death in the face of overwhelming odds rather than retreat or even try to escape at the last minute. The story of such bravery brings pride to the heart of Texans. The number of Mexican solders killed compared to the defenders also brings pride (MORE)

What weapons did the Texans use in the Battle of the Alamo?

bobo the cute little bunny lama A.K.A your mama barack obama Anything available. Including Pennsylvania/Kentucky rifle, British Brown Bess muskets, British Baker Rifles, (British musket and rifles were used by both sides), the U.S. Common Rifle of 1817, trade rifles and smoothbore muskets, French (MORE)

Why was the Alamo not important?

It was not the crucial battle that decided the course of Santa Anna's campaign. Santa Anna won the battle and wiped out the defenders, but the battle that determined the campaign was fought later. It was the most crucial battle as it was a delaying action that was known to the defenders at the Ala (MORE)

What is the biggest battle in the us history?

Battle of Saratoga . There are several answers to this question, depending on what the question asks. If it is asking "what is the largest battle on (current day) US soil?", that would be the Battle of Gettysburg, where a total of 160,000 soldiers fought over 3 days, resulting in about 45,000 (MORE)

Why is the Alamo you important?

The Alamo was a military failure in the sense that the defenders were all killed. However, Santa Anna had a long supply line from Mexico and couldn't afford to have a fortified command along his supply lines, so he had to take the Alamo. Secondly, the Texians had taken the Alamo and the city of San (MORE)

Who was at the battle of the Alamo who was in the Alamo?

The Battle of the Alamo was fought in 1836. This was a battle between the Republic of Texas and Mexico. Santa Anna led the Mexican forces. William Travis and James Bowie led the Texans. Davy Crockett is another famous person fighting on the side of Texas.