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Describe the cultural diversity of the people who live in your community?

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Your neighbours.
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Why was Persian culture so diverse?

Because the policy led to cultural diversity in the empire.

How is cultural diversity beneficial?

cultural diversity beneficial by help us better meet the individual needs of our guest, understand their differences and therefore more readily eccept our colleague's behaviou

How did Islam unite and effectively rule diverse peoples and cultures?

Islam united many people becuase it spread to reach a large amount  of people. Islam also accepted and tolerated other Peoples of the  Book (Judism, and Christianity).Muslim

How does culture diversity affect societies?

One of the ways that cultural diversity affects societies is through voting. Different cultural groups may have different opinions and therefore can affect a society through v
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How does the culture of the region effect the people who live there?

The culture effects the region of people who live there by the way everyone lives. For example, let's say that you want to move to Alaska, because you love the cold, and that
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What are the benefits of diversity in cultural enrichment?

It gives you a chance to know more about different beliefs and what people need. It also gives people choices maintain their degree of rights. As individuals we have out own b