Details of national policies for the development of small scale industries?

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Advantages of small scale industries?

Advantages of establishing small scale industries: 1. Employment 2. Meets the demand of local market 3. Gainful Employment to women 4. Less burden on imports 5. Less Capital

Characteristics of small scale industries?

Characteristics of a Small Scale Business A few examples of small-scale businesses include a flea market or shopping mall booth, a consultancy business, or even a computer re

List of small scale industry?

Some of the trades in the small scale industry include weaving,sculpting and tailoring. Landscaping, daycare centers and nannycare jobs also fall in small scale industry.

What is small scale and large scale industry?

small scale industry:- 1.these industry employ less no. of persons. 2.most of the wok is done by man power and small machines. 3.Raw-material used are less so production al

What are the roles of small scale industries in the economic development?

Here is one case study.. which will answer your question... A number of large-scale factories (with more than 1,000 employees) in Japan have shut down since the second oil

What are roles in economic development of small scale industries?

for creating a job for a single person, in any country irrespective of their economic backgrounds government need atleast 0.5million usd to create a permanent job for that per

What is definition Small Scale Industries?

The industries in India which are organised on a small scale and produce goods with the help of small machines, hired labour and power, are the small scale industries . In Ind