Diagram for 95 caravan 33 serpentine belt?

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serpentine belt install on 3.3L caravan I had similar problem last week. I found the answer on autozone.com. I got a gif picture I could look at. you can too. otherwise here goes nothing in text... with AC belt goes http://www.autozone.com/az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/10/b6/be/0900823d8010b6be/repairInfoPages.htm botom of page http://www.autozone.com/images/cds/jpg/small0900823d8010b6d6.jpg your image you are looking for or the hard way... start at front and going down from ac compressor... around and over water pump pulley...under crank pulley...up and over tensioner pulley... up near alternator but not over just yet... then under idler pulley. with a 15 MM long handle ofset wrench attach to the center bolt on the tensioner pulley and turn CW this will pull tensioner down. as this happens you have the slack to pull belt over the alternator. now gently release tension till the belt is snug. I have done this enough times to find this to be the best and easiest way to work in this tight space.
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Where do you find the serpentine belt routing diagram for a 1995 Dodge Caravan?

\n Answer \n. \nYou'll need to go to your local car parts dealer and ask them for a printout for your serpentine belt route. You'll need to know the year and type of car

Diagram needed on a serpentine belt for a 1992 dodge Caravan?

When you get your new belt, ask the sales people to print the diagram for you. Most of the stores have access (such as AutoZone). I just rerplaced mine with my son and it wasn