Did Alex Evans ever commit suicide?

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Not sure which Alex Evans you're asking about - but if they committed suicide, they'd be dead.

Why did alex gaskarth brother commit suicide?

alex keeps it between family and friends and don't speak about it much. But, Tom [not Danny] died in his sleep when Alex was 12 and Tom was 21. he did not commit suicide.

Why did alex gaskarths brother commit suicide?

No one knows for sure...They say the parents kept it confidential because they didn't want to talk about it at the time. But supposedly he was an "attention seeker" because pe

Did lee evans try to commit suicide?

No, the comedian Lee Evans never attempted suicide. He is anEnglish comedian who has also found mainstream success in Americaby appearing in several big budget comedies. His m

Has a pope ever committed suicide?

It would be double-devil bad business if the Head of the Church sinned against the Holy Spirit in such as gross fashion. Popes ( owing in part to the age factor) have died fai

Did soldiers in the American Civil War ever commit suicide?

A few did, but not too many. It was considered a shameful thing when one did, and men were reluctant to speak or write candidly about it, not wishing to disparage the dead. Me

Has any congressman ever committed suicide?

The following US Representatives and Senators committed suicidewhile in office: SC Rep. James Blair (1834), PA Rep. William S.Ramsey (1840), AL Rep. Felix Grundy McConnell (18