Did Anna Kreisling rescue Bill Clinton?

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In 1997 President Bill Clinton was visiting Bahrain with over 27 members of Congress. Unknown to the Secret Service across from the hotel where President Bill Clinton was staying a beautiful Iranian terrorist ASHERKAUN was bathing nude on the roof in her private Jacuzi. Without telling anyone Bill put on his swimming suit and went to see if the girl was in any danger of drowning! As he slipped into the warm water he was suddenly grabbed by some big hairy Persian guys who smelled like camel dung!! For three days the Congressmen had a drunken party and forgot about President Bill Clinton! Meanwhile poor Bill was tied up and his toe nails were being painted pink by these disgusting terrorists! Anna Kreisling the White Wolf of the Luftwaffe was told by the Secret Service that Bill had been kidnapped and taken to Teheran and that they were keeping this Top Secret!! Anna found the name of the swanky Hotel, The Persian Pussycat Palace, where they were asking him some top secret things about Arkansas!! Anna wasted no time and flew into a soccer field in her DC-3, then took her Samurai Sword and killed 88 Iranian guards! She and Bill ran for her plane as half the city of Teheran woke up and discovered Bill missing! Barely missing ACHDIMININUTJOB the Prime Minister, Anna flew Bill back to Barain before the Party ended! Hillary never found out!
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Who was Flugakapitan Anna Kreisling?

Anna Kreisling was the second most famous Luftwaffe Lady pilot in World War II!! She was also Heinrich Himmler's favorite KNIGHT of the Round Table at Wewelsburg Castle. Thi

Who captured Anna Kreisling?

In 1945 Anna Kreisling, The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe, was testing a Horten V-9 flying wing which showed promise of becoming an attack bomber for the Luftwaffe! She was oper

Who was Anna Kreisling?

Anna Kreisling, first named as a purported female German pilot of World War II, is almost certainly fictional. Her exploits appear to be figments of an overactive imagination.

What has Mossad uncovered about Anna Kreisling?

Israeli Intelligence has learned that Hannah Kreisling, Anna's mother was a Baltic German from Estonia. They lived on the coast right across from Finland. In 1916 she went to

Does a picture exist of Anna Kreisling?

Yes! Just go and look at the Austraillian flying magazine PACIFICFLYER, June 2001 edition, page 23 upper right hand corner. A greatpicture of Anna Kreisling smiling. Also look

Did Bill Clinton ever rescue Anna Kreisling?

On Christmas Day in 2009 Bill Clinton was at the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. enjoying some Peach Pie with five gorgeous black honeys. "Say, why do white folks like

Did Willie Nelson and Bill Clinton rescue Anna Kreisling?

In 2010 at the Munich Octoberfest Willie Nelson bought some grass from Anna Chapman a secret KGB Agent from Moscow. Back in his room he lit up and nearly died from Diareah and

Did Jay Leno rescue Anna Kreisling from Obama?

On July 10, 2010, Jay Leno was driving his Shelby Cobra in Hollywood when he suddenly saw a beautiful blonde changing a tire on her MGB. She was by herself and Jay knew just h

Did Anna Kreisling rescue Joe Biden?

On February 14, 2011 Anna Kreisling was attending a dinner party in Washington D.C. to honor France. At the party she met Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter and they seemed drugged wi
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Does Anna Kreisling exist why no pictures?

Anna Kreisling is married to one of the wealthiest men in the world. They are both friends of Bill Clinton and consider him to be the last great President of the United States
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Did Anna Kreisling rescue Field Marshall Rommel?

Yes, on June 14th, 1943 Anna Kreisling received orders from AdolfHitler that Rommel was to be brought to Berlin to advise theFuerher. Rommel at this time was surrounded in Nor

Why does Bill Clinton have Anna Kreisling as his personal Pilot?

Bill Clinton first met Anna Kreisling in 1988. He was veryimpressed with her husband and her. He made it clear that he wasgoing to run for President and he wanted their suppor

What is Bill Clinton doing in New Zealand with Anna Kreisling?

On January 19th, 2015, Anna Kreisling flew west from California inher Junkers JU-390 aircraft and flew to New Zealand. Aboard heraircraft, very nicely stored is her personal T