Did Dale Earnhardt Jr. meet his girlfriend when he looked into the crowd at a race and asked her to join him afterwards?

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I don't believe Dale Jr. has a girlfriend at the moment. Dale jr doesnt currently have a girlfriend. However a few years ago at a race a girl asked for his autograph and in return he asked for hers. They dated only a few months.
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How can you meet Dale Earnhardt Jr?

It would probably be hard to actually meet him unless you know somebody. You could get his autograph though by writing to him..which I would think would be through contacting Hendrick Motorsports.

Which Nascar Cup Series races has Dale Earnhardt Jr. won?

DirecTV 500 - April 2, 2000 . Pontiac Excitement 400 - May 6, 2000 . Pepsi 400 - July 7, 2001 . MBNA Cal Ripken Jr. 400 - September 23, 2001 . EA Sports 500 - October 21, 2001 . Aaron's 499 - April 21, 2002 . EA Sports 500 - October 6, 2002 . Aaron's 499 - April 6, 2003 . Che (MORE)

Does Dale Earnhardt Jr. have a girlfriend?

Amy Reimann has been Dale Jr's girlfriend over the past severalyears. Note: On a whole, Dale Jr. does not make his personal life publicknowledge. We cannot pinpoint exact dates when someone began orended a relationship.

How many years has Dale Earnhardt Jr. been racing?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been racing at the Cup Series level from2000 to the present. Before Cup, Junior was a two-time Busch SeriesChampion (1998 & 1999). The Busch Series is now known as theNationwide Series.

How many different race car numbers has Dale Earnhardt Jr. had?

In the Sprint Cup Series, Dale Jr. only had two numbers. Dale drovethe #8 car from 1999-2007 and the #88 car from 2008 to the present.In the Nationwide Series (formerly known as the Busch Series) DaleJr. drove the #3, #5, #7, #8, #31, #81, #83, #87 and #88 cars.

How long has Dale Earnhardt Jr. been racing in Nascar?

Dale Jr's first Nascar Cup race was on May 30, 1999 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. He has been running the full schedule since 2000. His first Nationwide Series race (formerly known as the Busch Series) was on June 22, 1996 at Myrtle Beach Speedway.

Who won the race between Shaquille O'Neal and Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won both races. The first race was a 5 lap race in which Shaquille O'Neal had a 1 lap head start. The second race was a 10 lap race in which both racers started evenly, but Dale Jr. had to make two 4-tire pit stops. Both races were won by a last lap pass by Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Why did Dale Earnhardt Jr. have to be voted into the 2011 All-Star race?

That is because his 10 year exemption was up in 2010. Dale Jr. won the All-Star race back in 2000. The only other way he could have avoided getting in on votes alone was to win a Cup Series race in the prior or current year, or to finish either first or second in the Sprint Showdown on May 21st.

How did Dale Earnhardt Jr finish in the race at Richmond on April 30 2011?

Dale Jr. finished in 19th place , two laps down at Richmond on April 30, 2011. With roughly 100 laps remaining in the race, Junior's team decided not to pit for gas and went with track position hoping for a late caution. There would be no more cautions in the race, and he was forced to pit under gr (MORE)

How many races has Dale Earnhardt Jr. won at Daytona International Speedway?

Dale Jr. won 14 races at Daytona InternationalSpeedway: . July 7, 2001 - Pepsi 400 (Cup Series) . February 16, 2002 - (Nationwide Series race) . February 8, 2003 - Budweiser Shootout . February 13, 2003 - Gatorade Duel . February 15, 2003 - (Nationwide Series race) . July 3, 2003 - (Natio (MORE)

Who is Dale Earnhardt Jr. racing for?

In the Nascar Sprint Cup Series, Dale Jr. drives for Hendrick Motorsports. Junior also drives a handful of Nationwide Series races for JR Motorsports, in which he is a co-owner.