Did Einstein believe in a finite universe?

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No. Einstein believed in a infinite universe.
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Is the universe finite?

Probably. This, like many of the "big questions" in cosmology, really doesn't have a good answer, because we can (so far!) only observe the universe from one little speck of a

Is there a finite amount of matter in the universe?

Yes, there is a finite amount of matter in the universe. The universe has a finite mass and size to the best of our understanding. This subject has both the simple answer as

Is the universe finite or infinite?

The universe people think is infinite but in albert enstien general therom of relativity there might be enough mass to close the universe but not in a circular shape but in a

Is the universe infinite or finite?

This is where physics just implodes: If the universe was infinite in size, that would mean that everysingle possible direction would go on for an infinite distance. Butthis c

Did Albert Einstein believe in evolution?

I understand that he did not believe in God/Jesus even thought he was Jewish. I do not recall reading anything about is beliefs on evolution. Does someone have the answer to t

What is the static university theory and what did Einstein believe that that was impossible?

The static UNIVERSE model (not a theory) holds that our Universe has been in gravitational balance for all eternity. If general relativity correctly described gravitational i
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Is it the universe finite or infinite?

universe is actually finite but we've not yet fond its edges, as we know that millions of planets, stars and so many kind of other bodies combined and form our galaxy, similar

Why do we say there is a finite number of elements in the universe?

A little more than 100 different elements have been discovered(naturally or synthesized in particle accelerators). The moremassive elements are all radioactive and have progre