Did Einstein conceive theory of relativity while riding a bicycle?

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The general consensus is yes, Albert Einstein conceived of his theory of relativity while riding his bicycle. It is said that:

"while riding his bicycle at night Einstein observed that [the] beam cast from his headlamp always traveled at the same speed whether he was cruising at a quick speed or coasting to stop."

Thus the theory - light from a moving source has the same velocity as light from a stationary source.

Unfortunately, this information is merely a "tale." It has not been historically proven.
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When did Einstein prove the theory of Relativity?

In November of 1919, at the age of 40, Albert Einstein became an overnight celebrity, thanks to a solar eclipse. An experiment had confirmed that light rays from distant stars were deflected by the gravity of the sun in just the amount he had predicted in his 1916 paper on his theory of gravity, gen (MORE)

Albert Einstein theory of relativity?

E=mc 2 is the formula but the theories were called: . the general theory of relativity . about mass traveling at or faster than the speed of light while accelerating positively or negatively . the special theory of relativity . about mass traveling at the speed of light while holding a (MORE)

What flaw did Einstein make in his theory of relativity?

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.... I am not about to suggest that I know a flaw in any theory, let alone those of Einstein. They don't call him an 'Einstein' for nothin'. But scientists do point out that Einstein's equations apparently break down at what we would call today a singularity. (MORE)

Where did Einstein prove the theory of relativity?

Einstein did not "prove" his postulates in the sense that he conducted tests to determine whether or not they fit experimental evidence. Instead, he wrote these postulates in his special theory of relativity while working as a patents clerk in Geneva in 1905 followed by the general theory in Germany (MORE)

When was einsteins theory of relativity published?

The theory of relativity is actually a conglomerate of two theorieswhich Einstein theorized at different times. Special relativity waspublished in 1905 and changed the scientific world until some ofthe ideas could not hold up to scrutiny. It was then that Einsteinpublished the theory of general rela (MORE)

Did albert Einstein have help creating the general theory of relativity?

Most of the impetus for developing general relativity came entirelyout of Einstein's thoughts. Einstein needed some time to choose themathematics necessary to fully develop the theory, and TulioLevi-Civita assisted him in finding tensor algebra as the bestapproach. In a sense, David Hilbert assiste (MORE)

Why didn't Einstein get Nobel Prize for his theory of relativity?

Albert Einstein was not awarded a Nobel Prize for his theory ofrelativity. This theory which might better be described as ahyphothesis, was not overlooked by the judges. The judges were notsure that Einstein's Therory was correct and thus no prize wasawarded.

What are the two postulates from which Einstein developed the theory of relativity?

Einstein's two Relativity postulates are :. 1. The Principle of Relativity or all motion is relative. Einstein discussed this in the example of a magnet and a conductor in motion relative to each other; . 2 the second postulate is that light is always propagated in empty space with a definite vel (MORE)

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How did Albert Einstein make the theory of Relativity?

Albert Einstein stated that he came up with the theory ofrelativity by imagining himself sitting on a proton. He thenimagined what it would look like if he could see theelectromagnetic field of a proton. This lead to a long chain ofthoughts that eventually ended in him forming the theory ofrelativit (MORE)

What is Theory of relativity by Albert Einstein?

It is difficult to summarize the results of the theories of relativity in such a short space and without the use of mathematical arguments, especially since the results are so contrary to everyday experience. Having said that, rest assured that the validity of the theories has been tested on a daily (MORE)

When did Einstein develop the theory of relativity?

The Special Theory of Relativity was published in 1905. The General Theory of Relativity was published in 1915. In each case, we may assume that he had probably been working on it for a while, years probably. The Special Theory of Relativity was published in 1905. The General Theory of Relativit (MORE)

Why was Albert Einstein famous for his theories and relativity?

Mostly because his theories and relativity radically changed the face of science. It introduced several concepts which supersedes Newtonian physics. The most notable are the speed of light being the universal "speed limit", the theory of relativity, the fact that massive objects curve the space arou (MORE)

In which country did did Einstein prove the theory of Relativity?

Einstein didn't prove the theory of relativity. It is a theory, a possible explanation, it is generally accepted because it explains a lot of things but that doesn't "prove" the theory, at least not to physicists. See related questions for the country of discovery.

Where did Einstein discover his theory of relativity?

For General Relativity the answer is relatively simple. Einstein lived in Germany until 1909 and he published a paper on special relativity in 1905. For General Relativity the answer is not so clear. He moved around Europe quite a bit. The answer is probably Germany or Switzerland. He had certainly (MORE)

What was Albert Einstein theory of general relativity?

Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity was a complex book. He summarized the activities of coulombic and gravitational forces. The book contains many differential equations. Even people who have worked every equation in the book sometimes find it hard to follow.

When did Albert Einstein discover the theory of relativity?

Einstein's theory of special relativity, proposed in 1905, states that nothing in the universe can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum. !!!!! But researchers at the CERN lab near Geneva claim they have recorded neutrinos, a type of tiny particle, traveling faster than the barrier o (MORE)

What is Einstein theory of relativity all about?

It is really about several things; but briefly, when you go at high speeds, several things change (depending on the point of view). The things that change include how fast time passes, measures of distance, and masses. Also, through their gravitation, large masses cause certain distortions in both s (MORE)

What are some problems that Albert Einstein had while inventing the theory of relativity?

Mr. Einstein's works, including both theories on relativity (the special and the general theories), were devised through "thought" experiments rather than physical, observable experiments. To carry these ideas through to completion required a great deal of continuity of thought without the advantage (MORE)

Has Einsteins theory of relativity been completed?

Depends what you mean by "completed." Both special and general relativity are "complete" in that they fully describe that part of the Universe that they INTEND to describe. However, neither describes EVERYTHING. General relativity, for example, is a more complete theory than is special relativity. H (MORE)

How do you solve Einsteins theory of relativity?

E=MC² M stands for matter E stands for energy C stands for the speed of light -The speed of light is: 299 792 458 m / s You can't "solve" it in the sense of deriving it from more basic principles. As of now, it IS part of the most basic principles of our Universe. If you mean "unders (MORE)

Did Einstein get paid for discovering the General Theory of Relativity?

Not directly. He was, at the time he wrote his work on General Relativity, a professor who was highly respected by his colleagues but unknown to the general public; and thus earning a professor's salary. Due to his work he became, literally overnight, the famous scientist in the world. As such, he w (MORE)

Can you prove that Einsteins relativity theory is wrong?

That would be kind of tough, since most of its explanations and predictions have been verified in thousands of experiments over the past hundred years. For one example: One of the predictions that falls out of the Relativistic math is the way that time becomes distorted or "dilated" when two (MORE)

Where did Albert Einstein create the general theory of relativity?

The development of the General Theory of Relativity was not just a single effort. It was the combination of several things Einstein worked on. Einstein published his first paper on Special Relativity while working in the Swiss patent office. It may be assumed that he created much the theory while wo (MORE)

How did Einstein get the idea for the theory of relativity?

In his autobiography, Einstein stated that the idea for time dilation due to velocity came when he was riding a trolley away from a clock tower in Bern. He asked himself what time he would see in the clock if that trolley were moving away from the clock at the speed of light. It occurred to him that (MORE)

Was Einstein got Nobel for theory of relativity?

No. Actually it is very difficult to understand the theory given byhim though it has a good impact on giving solutions to manycomplicated situations such as electrons are not accelerated tosome greater velocity as its mass gets varied because of speed. ==== Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in (MORE)

Why did arthur eddington prove alberts Einstein theory of relativity?

Like all good scientists, Eddington was interested in advancingknowledge through experimentation. General relativity made veryspecific predictions about what would be observed under certainconditions, and Eddington was one of many people who wanted to testwhether these observations were true. When t (MORE)

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