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The marriage of Franklin Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt?

Answer :   To my understanding was an unusual one. I believe that Franklin and Eleanor were 2nd or 3rd cousins. It was a marriage of convenience - while supportive of one

Where was Eleanor Roosevelt from?

She is from New york city and she mostly lived with her grandmother. At the age of ten she was officially an orphan at the age of ten

What did Eleanor Roosevelt do?

fights for the under dogs and never gives up she was the ladies president   She worked to help women get to vote and when the suffrage passed (in 1920) she was named the

Eleanor roosevelt accomplishments?

Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin Roosevelt,  accomplished many things in her life. She was the Democratic  Womenâ??s Committee vice-president and finance chair

How did Eleanor Roosevelt meet Franklin Roosevelt?

when you were 18 years old back then you had to go go to fancy parts and Eleanor saw her cousin at the party's and they talked during the party's then fell in love then she to

Who was Eleanor Roosevelt?

Eleanor Roosevelt was a kind and courageous first lady. She was the first wife of a president to have a political career of her own. She was very important in the fight for hu