Did Franklin D Roosevelt do anything wrong?

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First, no president is "perfect in every way." That said, it cannot be denied that President Roosevelt was very popular, and that the vast majority of the country trusted him-- and with good reason. He is generally credited with getting the US out of the Great Depression; he was also masterful at using the dominant medium of his day, radio, to spread his message; he also used it to unify/encourage the country. His wife Eleanor was similarly beloved and admired, and she too used radio to reach out to the public and reassure them during difficult times. Over all, the Roosevelt administration had many successes and today, he is still respected for his leadership in a time of crisis (first the Depression, then the war). But yes, even a popular president can make mistakes. And there are certain actions Mr. Roosevelt took that today's critics (and even a few in his own day) have regarded negatively. So, while I can't offer any "dirt," I can certainly offer you a few facts about the mistakes the president made.

For one, many modern critics believe Mr. Roosevelt was slow in advocating for equal rights for black citizens. At first, in the mid-1930s, he allowed policies to be put in place where black people were given lower pay or exempted from protections white people received. (This gradually changed around the time World War II broke out, but prior to that, yes, a case could indeed be made that he was very conservative about equal rights.) For another, he permitted the internment of Japanese-American citizens, a shameful move that was the result of bigotry and anti-immigrant fervor around the time of the war. There was great suspicion against Japanese-Americans, and Mr. Roosevelt signed the order to round them all up and place them in internment camps (some might say concentration camps), even though their only "sin" was being of Japanese ancestry.

And then, there's the matter of the Holocaust. Back then, the claim was made that the American government had no idea what was being done to the Jews by Hitler and the Nazis. Sad to say, the information was available, and any reading of Jewish newspapers of that era will tell you that the leaders of the Jewish community were desperately trying to persuade the US government to admit more Jewish refugees. Unfortunately, there were people in the Roosevelt administration who were quite anti-Jewish; while Mr. Roosevelt said all the right things in support of the Jews, in reality he did not do as much as he might have to help them: in fact, the US government allowed very few Jewish refugees into the United States during his administration.

Finally, there was the "court-packing" scheme in 1937-- where President Roosevelt tried (and failed) to add more justices to the Supreme Court. His intent was to make sure he chose so many justices that it would be impossible for the court to strike down any aspects of his New Deal legislation. It was a bad idea to try so blatantly to manipulate the judiciary, and it was one of the few times when the otherwise very popular president received an enormous amount of push-back, even from some of his supporters. Those are the major errors I can think of. I do hope this helps you with your debate preparation, but again, please keep in mind that Mr. Roosevelt served an unprecedented four terms and most scholars would tell you that he did much more good for the nation than harm.
I have a debate coming up, and I need some dirt on Franklin D. Roosevelt. The problem is, he's my favorite president and it seems like he was perfect in every way. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could say against him?
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Who was Franklin D. Roosevelt?

FDR (January 30, 1882 - April 12, 1945), 32nd President of theUnited States, the longest-serving holder of the office, was one ofthe central figures of 20th century history. He is best known forleading the U.S. through the Great Depression using his New Deal,building a powerful Democratic party coal (MORE)

Franklin D Roosevelt?

Franklin D Roosevlet was a Presedent of the United States also married to Eleanor Roosevelt. He was president in the time period of the depression. Althought I can not remember weather it was before or after the Great Depression. But I believe it was after.

What did Franklin D. Roosevelt do for the US?

Here is the story of Franklin Roosevelts presidency. In 1933 Franklin Roosevelt became the 32nd president of the United States.He chose Jack Garner as his vice president. In 1936 he ran for a second term and won. In 1937 Walt Disney released the movie Bambi. On September 29,1938 the Bentocha sank of (MORE)

What is Franklin D Roosevelt Famous for?

Amongst many things, FDR is famous for guiding America through the Great Depression and World War II, and for having served as president the longest period of time.

Why is Franklin D. Roosevelt important?

Franklin D. Roosevelt is important for several reasons. He is thefirst and only president to serve four terms. He served aspresident during the Great Depression and World War II. He is alsoresponsible for the New Deal programs.

What does Franklin D. Roosevelt mean?

FDR are the initials of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945), 32nd President of the US, elected to four terms (1932, 1936, 1940, 1944) and died in office. Roosevelt was in office during the years preceding and during World War II. Many schools and public buildings bear his name and often use the a (MORE)

Did Franklin D. Roosevelt have anything to do with the Holocaust?

yeah he did, From the period of 1880 through the 1940's, the whole world started becoming nationalistic. However, during World War I, Germany started becoming too nationalistic; they began killing off anyone who wasn't a German citizen living in Germany. Approximately six million Jews were killed (MORE)

Why was Franklin D. Roosevelt in a wheelchair?

FDR was in a wheelchair because he had contracted polio in 1921while a young man, a disease disabling him so that he couldn't movehis legs. He could stand to give speeches, so he was able to hidehis condition from the general public. He found that swimming inthe warm water at Warm Springs, GA helped (MORE)

Why is Franklin D. Roosevelt famous?

FDR was the 32nd president, he served during the Great Depression and World War II, he served longer than any other president and he is probably second only to President Lincoln in terms of popularity.

Did Franklin D. Roosevelt resign?

No. In 1974, Richard M. Nixon became the only US President to resign from office. FDR served from March 4, 1933 to April 12, 1945. He died in office three months into his 4th term.

Who did Franklin D. Roosevelt marry?

FDR married his fifth cousin, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt , on March 17, 1905. (she was the niece of Theodore Roosevelt, US president from 1901 to 1909).

Was Franklin D. Roosevelt Jewish?

believe so. could b wrong . He was mostly of Dutch descent. He belonged to the Episcopalian church. He had no ties to Judaism . No, he was Episcopalian. No

Why did Franklin D. Roosevelt get Polio?

He didn't want polio, but he fell into cold water from a ship when he was 39 and couldn't stand the next day. There were no vaccines for it at the time. It was a very scary time for all of us who live through those days.

How was Franklin D. Roosevelt successful?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the greatest presidents of the United States. He helped America through the Great Depression. He went on the radio and talked to the people of America. This was called the fireside chat.

What was Franklin D. Roosevelt disabled by?

FDR was disabled by polio. A common disease that there was no cure for back then. Later on in the 1950's one man found the vaccine for polio. So, polio is no longer an issue.

How did Franklin D. Roosevelt get his nicknames?

His nickname was FDR, because many of his New Deal programs came to be known by their initials The Civilian Conservation Corps was known as the CCC, the National Recovery Administration was the NRA, the Works Progress Administration was the WPA, etc.

Did Franklin D. Roosevelt have anything to do with Social Security?

Yes. Franklin and his Administration, as part of its New Deal, strongly pushed for, supported and ultimately passed the original Social Security Act in 1935 -- about 2 years after he was first inaugurated. It was developed and proposed as an insurance program that covers old age pensions, survivor (MORE)

When did Franklin D. Roosevelt get sick?

In August 1921, while the Roosevelts were vacationing at Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Roosevelt contracted an illness believed by his physicians to be polio, which resulted in his total and permanent paralysis from the waist down.

Why was Franklin D. Roosevelt reelected?

FDR was reelected for his second term because he was saving the nation. He created government agencies and helped the country out of the despair caused by the Great Depression. People thought of him as a friend. For his third term he was reelected because he told people he had a plan to lead them ou (MORE)

What are the characteristics of Franklin D Roosevelt?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, often known by the initials FDR, is a very famous former American President who served 4 terms of office (and died in office) and who is particularly remembered for his New Deal policies, and for guiding the US through WW II.

Who were the pallbearers for Franklin D Roosevelt?

step dads grand father was a pallbearer at fdrs funeral he was in the navy and was stationed at pearl harbor when it was attacked My Grandfather Wayne L. Borchsenius, was Part of D-Day first wave (Flagship, LST -331, Coast Guard, Stationed at Pearl Harbor) and told me one of his shipmates Arthur Ar (MORE)

Is Franklin D. Roosevelt Teddy Roosevelt?

No. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd president, was born January 30th 1882 in Hyde Park, New York and died April 12th, 1945 in his summer vacation home in Warm Springs, Georgia. Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president, was born October 27th, 1858 on 28 east 20th street, New York City and die (MORE)

Did Franklin D. Roosevelt have a weakness?

He was the victim of polio when he was a young man and lost most of the use of his legs. He had special braces that enabled him to stand up to make a speech. He also had various personality weaknesses or defects that made him hard to live with.

Was Franklin D. Roosevelt crippled?

Yes, FDR was crippled for life due to catching a disease that resulted in polio that destroyed his nerves via spine resulting in inability to manage lower bodily functions(legs, as well as intestines etc.) Though, a more recent retrospective study favored a diagnoses of Guillain Barre syndrome inste (MORE)

What did Franklin D. Roosevelt do for entertainment?

FDR was famous as a stamp collector. He was also an avidbird-watcher. He did a lot of swimming, in part to help his legs.He liked poker games and would watch movies at the White House. Hesmoked cigarettes regularly and had an occasional drink.

What is something that Franklin D. Roosevelt did?

In his first hundred days in office, Roosevelt spearheaded majorlegislation and issued executive orders that instituted the NewDeal. The programs designed to produce relief, recovery, andreform. Along with several smaller programs, major survivingprograms include the Federal Deposit Insurance Corpor (MORE)