Did Gandhi abuse his wife?

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Yes, there was one incident that Gandhi writes of abusing his wife in his autobiography. This happened when she refused to clean the latrine.
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What are the chances of an abuser abusing his second wife?

Pretty good unless he's had counseling. Answer Most abusers are serial offenders, abusing one partner after the other. Answer I am a second wife of a Narcissist. I can tell you that the chances are good, very good. Even if they seem to have 'dealt' with their divorce. N's are very good at acti (MORE)

Can an abusive husband fall in love with his wife?

Most abusers firmly believe that their abusive conduct is proof and indication of deep love. In their thwarted minds, abuse, intimacy, and love are inextricable. The saddest part is that many (but not all) abusers really ARE in love (whatever that means, it's such a subjective term) with their part (MORE)

How do you know if you are an abuser like your wife says you are?

Answer . You could be a mental or physical abuser to your wife. If you call her names constantly, always remind her of how stupid she is; she can't cook well; is ugly; put her down constantly in front of your friends, etc., or you shove, push, hit or beat her (causing injuries to her body) you a (MORE)

How do you know if your wife is an abuser?

Abuse is... . Her incessant criticism about the man on a personal, such as... You are ugly. Nobody but me loves you - look at you! And other general remarks meant to hurt your feelings. . Vicious mockery . Emotional blackmail . Odious lies . Name-calling such as: "You're an idiot" . (MORE)

How can you as an abusive husband support your wife?

Answer . \nYou've taken a really big step forward for yourself. You are the problem that your wife is having and it's YOU that needs therapy. Most women only ask of their mate that they get help and the wife is usually there 100%. Sounds like your wife would be. You have reasons and problems (MORE)

Are there warning signs that an abuser will kill his wife one day?

Answer . A physical abuser is like a time bomb when the victim has no idea as to when it will go off. It could take years before the abuser gets to the point of wanting to kill his wife and it's not done out of planning, but a spur of the moment violent act. He could become so angry the next ti (MORE)

If you hit your wife are you being abusive to her?

Answer . YES, YES, YES, it is called assault and it is a crime.. However I see this is posted in 'Abused Men', are you hitting her in self defence?. In which case you really need to see someone who can help you.. Answer . Absolutely! No matter what (except self-defense) a man should never s (MORE)

Is your wife mentally abusing you by reporting you to the police as a physical abuser when you are not?

\n. \nMaybe it will help if you define what a physical abuser is. I am not judging you, but your question leaves too many possibilities. \nIf you define a physical abuser as a man that punches a woman more than once, then you do not consider yourself an abuser. However, this is denial to make yours (MORE)

How does a wife know that she and her children are being emotionally abused?

Answer . To simplify this it's when a person totally controls the wife and children and has no rhyme or reason for any decisions they may make. Here are some clues to emotional abuse regarding wives and children:\n. \nNot giving the wife any control of the finances. Not allowing her to have a (MORE)

If your wife physically abuses you should you call the police?

\n. \n DOMESTIC ABUSE \n. \nYes, if your wife abuses you, you should absolutely call the police! If women want to be considered equal, we should be held just as responsible for our actions as men are! There is NO ACCEPTABLE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and if you get a hard time from the police (whom you (MORE)

How can you keep an abusive wife away from you i?

Answer . Refuse to play the game, especially the blame game. Change your number, change your locks and don't give out any mixed messages, if it gets out of hand consider moving or getting a restraining order.

If a man abuses his wife will he abuse his children?

Not necessarily but there is a good chance that the son of a wifebeater will grow up and beat HIS wife and the daughter will grow upand seek a similar man to her father and allow her husband to beather because they have learned from their childhood that thisbehaviour is the "norm"... and their child (MORE)

Did Juanita Bynum's husband abuse his first wife?

God bless I'm a South African and has been reading about all that's been going on.I'm only saved two and half years and i can see whats happening.Because Prophetes Bynum and her husband is doing seminars on Teach me how to love and it is changing peoles lifes the devil is fighting them to stop doing (MORE)

Could it be mental abuse if a husband will not sleep with his wife?

Not technically speaking, but if you wanted to divorce him it would be good grounds.. It's a good idea to communicate with your husband and see what is wrong. It could be something physical and at 40 plus men DO go through 'Andropause' a type of menopause, and he could be semi depressed, moody, eve (MORE)

Did Gandhi beat his wife?

Yes, he beat his wife when both of them were in South Africa. He clearly noted this point in his autobiography.

How do you know if your wife was abused as a child?

I dont think that there are certain signs that you could look for as they are different in any person. How people react to pain or abuse like i stated before is different in each person. I think the best way to find out is by asking. But make sure you are not crossing her comfort zone when you ask j (MORE)

Is Gerard Way domestically abused by his wife?

No, as far as anyone outside Gerard Way's relationships can tell, he is not being domestically abused. He is not even married, and even if he was, he would not allow his wife to domestically physically abuse him.

If your wife physically abuses your children what should you do?

\nThe first thing is to put in place a plan to keep the children safe. \n. \nSomeone who physically abuses others has deep seated problems which should be addressed. Usually, it is better to keep the family together as usually (not always) separation causes more problems than it solves. \n. \nI (MORE)

Did John McCain physically abuse his first wife?


Was Indira Gandhi Gandhi's wife?

No, Kastruba was Gandhi's wife Indira was a daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru first PM of India. She married to a Muslim man Feroz who was converted Hindu and named Gandhi as adopted by Mahatma Gandhi for the sake so that he can marry Indira a Hindu girl so Indira nehru (before marrige) named Indira gand (MORE)

Why is your wife abusing you so you have to leave the house?

The problem with a man leaving is that it's considered abandonment, especially if there's children. But, if he tries to take the children, where does he go. Whether, the mother could claim he plans to harm the children. At this point, he would get arrested, the children will be returned to her, and (MORE)

Why are people abusive there wife?

some husbands are abusive to their wives, because they have the muscle strength. men fear getting older, so they in turn are very insecure, and they feel joy when inflicting home on their wife. The wife can out smart him, by using simple brain power.. MAN: It's not because they have muscle strength (MORE)

Where you go if idont have income and wife abuse you?

Please seek help through your local shelters. Unfortunately, they do not have many batterred men shelters as they do women shelters. Find a job this will help you get a place to live. No one deserves to be abused.

What if your wife is mentally abusive?

If your wife is mentally abusive, you need to let her know that her words are hurting you. If that does not seem to do any good, you all may need to seek counseling.

WHEN husband abuse the wife the judge empathized with the abuser husband wife is afraid still what can she do?

The only thing you can do at that point is get out. Get to a shelter, get to a friend or relative. There are legal services available to abuse victims, any paperwork you have from the courts if you can safely take it with you do so, if not copies are available at the county offices. No one wants to (MORE)

Why was Gandhi abused?

Gandhi was abused because he took a stand against the Britishgovernment, which was more powerful and which was willing to useviolence.

Your Wife is abusing the children?

If this is happening it is your duty to protect the children from your wife. If necessary you must get the authorities involved in helping you do this. As a start try talking to your doctor about this.

What do men feel if they have an abusive wife?

There are many men out in society that are either verbally or physically abused than society knows because it has always been about abused women because they are classed as the weaker sex, but many men are abused. Most good men are brought up not to hit a woman so if the girlfriend or wife is verbal (MORE)

How did Gandhi meet his wife?

Gandhi's parents organised the wedding, so that's how he met her. (If you were wondering how old he was when he married he was 13 and when he had kids, he was 14.)

Why did Gandhi tell his wife to leave?

It has been not quite a century since Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was \nassassinated in January 1948 at the age of 78 in New Delhi, India. The \nbevy of hagiographies written about him is now being replaced with \ntruth-telling biographies about the Gandhi nobody knew. \n\n. The most recent one is t (MORE)

How is Curley's Wife mistreated or abused in Of Mice and Men?

Curley's Wife is kept from interacting with other people by Curley, due to his jealous nature. This is what makes her sneak around to ry and talk with the men. This isolation and overprotection are also generally considered to be some of the first steps in an abusive relationship. While some people (MORE)

When is it appropriate to intervene on an abusive man and his wife?

It would be very dangerous to intervene on an abusive man and his wife. A better solution would be to contact the police or to offer to help the wife get away from the abusive man. Domestic violence is a widespread problem in our country, and there are people able and willing to help.

What if the wife is the one who physically abuses the husband?

If a wife physically or verbally abuses her husband she will get the same treatment as a man who physically or verbally abuses his wife. If she leaves any physical marks on the husband he can call the police and press charges and often the wife is taken away in handcuffs for a cooling off period (ov (MORE)