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Did Gandhi say he likes Christ but he does not like Christians?

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Yes, he said: "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." --Mahatma Gandhi
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What was Gandhi like?

Gandhi was a kind hearted man who only put India's Independence first. Once when it was raining badly he gave his umbrella to his body guards. Gandhi wore cotton clothes which

Why did Gandhi say he likes Christ but he does not like Christians because they are unlike their Christ?

Answer 6 June 2009 Gandhi actually said "I admire Christ, but not Christians"; Gandhi liked/loved all people. It is impossible to say, for certain, why Gandhi made this comme

Should born again Christians have a personality like Jesus Christ?

  If the born again christian shouldn't look like Jesus in personality, nobody here on earth expects to be holy or godly. All Jesus tried to show us was we should believe

Does Christian meaning Christ like?

Christian is the name given to the folowers of Christ in the ancient city of antioque.

What is a fast like what Gandhi did?

A fast is when a person does not eat or drink for long periods of time (most of the time, for days, such as Gandhi) for a religious practice or to protest against something.

Why do christians like to point the finger when the bible says do not judge?

They don't - well, at least they shouldn't! However, there is a huge difference between judging a person and speaking out against an evil act. Jesus made it clear that we cann

How can we be like Christ?

By submitting our wills to the Spirit and being sober and vigilant at all hours of the day.

How do you be Christ like?

If you try to do it by yourself you'll fail. The first step is knowing Christ. As you spend time with him, you'll become more like him. The best way is to study the Bible, bot

What was Christ like?

He was like an ordinary man to see. Yet his appearance was no longer important to the apostles after he rose from the dead and went to heaven, as the Scripture says - 2 Corint

Why do they always give a Catholic view to Christian questions Christian means Christ like not Catholic?

.   Catholic Answer Catholic means Christian, Our Blessed Lord established the Catholic Church two thousand years ago, if you are asking why you ask a Christian question an