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Did Hawaiians come to Utah?

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Oh, of COURSE! Most people from other places came to Utah around when it became a state. I have many family members that came from places like Hawaii, and even Fiji.
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When will Hannah Montana come to Utah?

  Hannah in Salt Lake City   Best of Both Worlds Tour will be in Salt Lake City,UT at the EnergySolutions Arena (Delta Center) on Saturday Oct. 27,2007 at 4:00PM Ti

What year did Hispanics come to Utah?

    If you are referring the the Spanish Explorers who were from New Mexico, which were Father Excalante and Dominguez, the year they came through Utah would be 1776.

What region does the water come from in Utah?

The water mainly comes from the Rocky Mountain Region because the snow melts from the mountains and runs into the rivers. Then they purify it and send it to your facet!