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Did Hawaiians come to Utah?

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Oh, of COURSE! Most people from other places came to Utah around when it became a state. I have many family members that came from places like Hawaii, and even Fiji.
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When will WWE come to Utah?

a smackdown live event is coming to salt lake city on october 17, 2010

Why did the Mormons come to Utah?

The Mormons came to Utah in the mid 1840's seeking religious freedom. They had been chased out of New York, Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois by threats of violence over the course

How did the Arches National Park in Utah come to be?

The arches were formed by erosion. There was formerly a rock whose  mineral makeup was more susceptible to weathering below the rock  that we see as the arch today. Since th

When did the Mormons come to Utah?

  Advance scouts for the first Mormon wagon train entered the Salt Lake Valley July 23, 1847. That means they were probably in what is now Utah proper for a week or two be