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Did JD in scrubs have a baby with Elliot?

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When did jd leave scrubs?

He did not officially leave scrubs. he comes back for some episodes, but he stopped being the main character to work on his writting/directing career

Has JD left the show Scrubs?

He did appear in the first 8 seasons of Scrubs. He, however, only appeared in the first 6 episodes of Season 9 and then disappeared. He is apparently not going to come back an

Why did the finale for Scrubs season 9 the suck and why didn't it have JD and Elliot in it It was the last Scrubs and it was a normal episode that looked like it could fit in the mid of the season?

there was no season 9, season 8 was the finale. the last episode on season 8 is my finale pt. 1 and 2 actually there was u can watch the season 9 finale (the last ever) here
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What has happened to JD in scrubs?

Zach Braff, the actor who plays "J.D." in Scrubs, decided to leave the show. This was probably detrimental for the series, as he was the main character. In the plot, he wen
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What episode of scrubs does JD get Elliot pregnant?

Somewhere in between season 8 and 9. The show takes a major storyline "leap" here. The location of the show changes from a general hospital to a medical school, and the main c