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Did James Cook have a middle name?

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There is no record of James Cook having a middle name.
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What was James Garfield's middle name?

James Garfield's middle name is Abram; James Abram Garfield is his full name.

What is James Buchanan's middle name?

James Buchanan was his full name-- he was not given a middle name,

Who did Captain James Cook sail for?

Captain Cook sailed for the British Royal Navy. However, he was also sponsored by the Royal Geographical Society to undertake specific missions for scientific purposes. He was

What is capt James T Kirk's middle name?

His middle name is Tiberius. And I'd like all you "fans" to note that Captain Kirk was not always a Captain. He was once upped to the rank of Admiral and therefore he lost th

What to do when cake doesn't cook in the middle?

If it's perfectly cooked outside and raw in the middle, it means the heat isn't getting to the middle. You need to leave the cake in the oven longer to allow the heat to get t

What did James Cook do?

Contrary to popular opinion, Cook did NOT discover Australia, nor New Zealand, but he was important for several reasons: On his first journey, departing in 1768, he commande

What was the original name given to Australia by Captain James Cook?

James Cook only named the eastern half of the continent. He gave it the name of New South Wales.

Who is James Cook and what did he do?

James Cook was a famous explorer of the 18th century. Despite popular opinion, Captain Cook neither discovered nor named Australia. On his first journey, departing in 1768, h

What did Captain James Cook name Australia at first?

James Cook claimed the eastern half of the Australian continent under the name of New South Wales. The western half was known as New Holland, but it was named by the Dutch,

What was James Cook's middle name?

Records have not shown that James Cook had any middle name.